Pearl S. Buck Elementary

January 22, 2016

What will do you with all that snow?

Hey Buck families, would you like to share what you did during this weekend's much anticipated snow storm? If so, email us one photo of your favorite snow activity from this weekend. Parents - please only share a photo of your children/family. Submitted photos may be published in this newsletter (but will not be posted on our website). Photos can be emailed to: Be safe and have fun!

1st Grade makes snow!

Not that we'll need any more snow after this weekend, but Mrs. Boyle's class made snowflakes using Borax and hot water as part of a science experiment. The students reviewed the properties of solids and liquids and watched what happened to the solid (borax) as it was mixed with the liquid. They placed a pipe cleaner and string model of a snowflake in the mixture over last weekend. Crystals appeared and created a snowflake.

2nd Graders Learn about Continents

Students in Mrs. Budman's class learned about the continents of the world, and also heard a story about "Chester the Worldly Pig".

4th Grade Science!

Students in Ms Bowman's 4th grade class worked on posters to accompany their Power Point presentations on the planets unit for science. The project required students to gather basic facts, as well as some unusual/interesting facts about a planet, and present to the class.

PTO's Parent Vs. Child Challenge

The Pearl Buck PTO is hosting its first Parent vs. Child challenge at the Newtown Athletic Club on Friday, February 19 from 7-9 pm.

You and your child will divided by grade and compete against each other in different activities like dodge ball, scooter relays, basketball, etc.

The cost is $25 per couple (parent and child). Please make your check payable to Pearl S. Buck PTO and address the envelope Parent Challenge. Only one parent per child, so if there is more than one child a parent for each child will have to attend. Payment is due on Friday, February 5th no later!!!

There are only 75 slots (one slot = parent and their child) available for this activity. Once the 75 slots are filled we will have a waitlist. If you are scheduled for one of the 75 slots and are unable to get your money in by the due date, someone from the waitlist will be assigned to your spot.

A link for a sign up genius will be sent out on Monday, February 1st.

Any questions please contact Renee Evans at

PTO Place

  • January 29th- Pizza Bingo 6pm at Maple Point cafeteria. More information to come. If anyone is interested in shadowing this event this year, please us know. Our moms that run this event will be leaving at the end of this year and we need someone to take over, next year. Please contact PTO President, Elaine Shubin at if you can help with this event.
  • February 11 - NOVA (Network of Victim Assistance) will present an information session "Growing Up Mobile" about keeping your child safe in the world of social media. The presentation will begin in our library at 7:00. This is a presentation for parents and guardians. Content and discussion may not be appropriate for children.

Did you know....?

    • Most snowflakes form dazzling crystal patterns with six sides. But occasionally, a triangular crystal forms, something that has puzzled physicists for years.

    • Some snowflakes look like hourglasses, others like spools of thread and still others like needles.

    • The snowiest state is Alaska. Valdez, Alaska, recevies an average of 326 inches of snow every year. The snowiest city in the lower 48 states is Mount Washington, New Hampshire, which has an average snowfall of 260 inches each winter.

    • Snow isn't always white. In the Victorian era, when the air was heavily polluted by smoke from factories, the snow was often dark gray. In places with red soil, like Prince Edward Island, snow can be pink.

    • Snow is classified as a mineral.

    • People who are afraid of snow have chionophobia.

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