Qur'an (4th Grades)

Newsletter #2: Sharing the plants UOI6

What We Learened in this Unit?

In this UOI, students in both groups have many projects. Those projects are about some words, topics or creations that have been mentioned in the holy Quran. They are learning how to search in the Qur'an to find those mentioned words, topics,... by using reliable resources. they have to find how many times it was mentioned, in which surahs, the number of the ayat, and then they will find the meaning of each aya. The purpose of this is to make them able to looking for the information and find it by themselves using reliable sources and avoid to use no correct or wrong resources s ( and we have to be very careful when we are looking for the information which is related to our Deen). This will also help students to make a deep Tadabore in the Qur'an and to realize that every word in the Quran has a great meaning. Each group doing their own research and they will present their project by the end of this UOI. Forex. One group is searching about the iron in the holy Qur'an.

Jaguar Group(فريق النمرالأسود)


  • Continue working on reading, trying to finish the before the end of the month of Ramadan.
  • Read Surat Al-Kahf every Friday.


  • Memorize Surat An-Nahl from (1-20).
  • Review the previous Surahs they memorized.


  • The meaning of Surat An-Nahl from (1-20).

here is the link of the surah that they are working on, it will be helpful if they listen to it: