Jared Garza

Future Neurosurgeon

Personal Bio

Jared Garza was born on December 15, 1997 at the St. John's Hospital in Houston, Texas. He is now 17 years old and was named because his parents wanted something different then what regular Hispanic parents would want their kids to be named. He was the oldest of three children and felt as if he has to set the bar for them. His mother's dad was put in jail and his father's mom passed away a year before he was born. His mother had a difficult life growing up and since she was the oldest of her siblings, she was basically the caretaker for them. Hearing about her childhood, and viewing her struggles raising Jared and his siblings encourages him to try his hardest and reach for success in everything he does.

He has a history of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics classes in high school as well as college. Also, he is pretty easy to talk too and understand. He likes to see other point of views and judge them for their views but understand why. He likes to why things happen and figure out and understand certain types of topics for the question “why”. He is a student at Houston Academy for International Studies, which is an early college high school and makes mostly A's and B's. He is also always studying or involved in some type of extracurricular activities like National Honor Society and the Chinese Club. He also volunteers at the Pasadena Animal Shelter in hopes of helping the lives of some animals/pets and their owners.

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