In this book Jonas is a 12 and he is excited to get his assignment. He is a very smart boy. He has a younger sibling named Lily who is an 8. Also Jonas's family is taking care of a baby from the nurturing center named Gabe. While Jonas is waiting for his assignment he is the last one? He was chosen to be The new Receiver. He has a lot of things to face while being the new Receiver. Like for example he has to be given the memory of pain. He has to follow his rules as being the new Receiver. Also he has to keep the community safe from these memories.


In this book Jonas lives in this plain boring community. Were babies are assigned to family's and you get your new assignments. Jonas gets selected to be the new Receiver. He has to keep these memories safe from the community. Jonas family is taking care of a baby from the nurturing center named Gabe. Gabe is a very unusual baby. He doesn't really develop quickly like most babies. Jonas soon finds out that Gabe will be taking a release. Soon in the book Jonas kidnaps Gabe and they walk beyond for an adventure.

3 Other Characters

"If you were to be lost in the river, Jonas, your memories would not be lost with you.Memories are forever.-The Giver Lois Lowry

Teacher like Questions.

  1. What was a difficult task to learn from the book?
  2. Which chapter did you think was most difficult to process?
  3. Which words did you find the most difficult?
  4. Did you like the overall plot of the book?

Overall rating

  1. I liked when Jonas was chosen to be the new Receiver of memory
  2. When the Giver gave Jonas the memory of colors, joy, and Christmas
  3. Didn't like when babies get released
  4. Didn't like when Jonas had to keep these memories from the communtiy
  5. Didn't like the ending
  6. Overall I give this book a 4 star