Miss Kolesar's Third Grade

Weekly Newsletter for September 19-23

News and Announcements:

  • We have an assembly on Monday to introduce the Club's Choice PTO fundraiser. This is the PTO's main fundraiser of the year, and it funds field trips for the elementary classes.
  • Picture day will be on Wednesday, September 21. Please return your child's picture order form on or before Wednesday. If you are ordering online, please note that in your child's planner. There is no need to return the order form if you order online.
  • Keep sending in any box tops you have at home for the fall box top collection contest. We have received quite a few already.
  • Today we did Student Shout-Outs for the first time. Each child chose another student in the class to recognize for kindness or positive behavior and filled out a Student Shout-Out sheet. We'll be doing this throughout the year, so everyone will have the chance to receive shout-outs for making good choices!
  • The book orders should be in at the end of next week or the beginning of the following week.
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Landform Cookies

We made landform cookies of the United States in Social Studies using chocolate chips for mountains, gold pearls for the desert, Heath chips for the plains (hay bales), green and yellow jimmies for forests, and green sugar for coastal plains. We enjoyed making and eating them!

Curriculum Corner:

Reading/Lang. Arts:

Story: "Destiny's Gift"


  • characterization
  • analyzing/evaluation a story
  • vowel pairs (ai, ay, ee, and ea)
  • compound sentences
  • coordinating conjunctions
  • using a glossary
  • run-on sentences

Spelling: Rule: Vowel Pairs

  • lay, real, trail, sweet, today, dream, seem, tea, treat, afraid, leave, bait, screen, speed, paint, please, yesterday, explain


Chapter 2: Mental Math and Estimation

  • recall prior knowledge and pre-test
  • mental addition
  • mental subtraction
  • rounding numbers to estimate

Social Studies:

Unit: Community and Geography

  • communities and resources
  • types of resources: renewable, nonrenewable, and flow
  • world focus: Mexico City

Special Classes and Snack Schedule:

Monday, September 19:

Specials: PE and Art

Snack: Jhaela

Tuesday, September 20:

Special: Music

Snack: Ryley

Wednesday, September 21:

Specials: PE and Technology

Snack: Ryann

Thursday, September 22:

Specials: Music and Life Skills

Snack: Peyton

Friday, September 23:

Special: Library

Snack: Daryus


V.I.P.: Loralie

Morning Meeting Manager: Delilah

Errand Runner: Olivia

Class Custodian: Wyatt

Mail Carrier: Braeden

Administrative Assistant: Avery

Milk Slip Supervisor: Keira

Historian/Photographer: Bryce

Substitute: Ryan

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Sunflower Art Project

We made Van Gogh inspired sunflowers for our first art project. We drew the sunflowers, traced them with glue, and filled in the sections with oil pastels. We are hanging these projects up in the hallway.


Classroom Telephone Number: 715-561-4900 ext. 247