Lance's Ledger

May 23 - 27 at Central Elementary

M-STEP Complete

M-STEP testing wrapped up with a few make-ups last Friday. I want to take this opportunity to thank all third and fourth grade teachers for their front-line efforts supporting students and working through schedule changes. A big shout-out goes to our special education staff for facilitating the MI-ACCESS testing and M-STEP testing of students on their caseload as well as the way they stepped forward and facilitated make-up testing.

Also, thanks go to specials teachers and to gen ed teachers for rearranging schedules and encouraging all students to maintain quiet in hallways during testing times. I appreciate the phenomenal teamwork among staff to facilitate assessment during the last month. Way to go team!

Hogwarts Central

Kristen Kirchner's room looked more like the great hall at Hogwarts as her class celebrated the completion of a Harry Potter novel with none other than a Harry Potter Day. Parents joined the celebration and students were invited to dress the part. What a wonderful way to bring the imagination inspired from the novel to life in the classroom!

Green Eggs and Ham

Students in Mrs. Stuart's prepared a feast after M-STEP featuring Green Eggs and Ham. From my observation it was a much anticipated celebration coming on the heels of M-STEP test completion. This year Deb has made a concerted effort to share her love of cooking/baking with her students. The kids tell me it has been a highlight of their year. It just goes to show that with planning you can find time to expand curriculum to some skills beyond the book learning. Kind of puts the "human" in civilization doesn't it?

Second Graders Welcome New Members to Class

Students in Gwen Lindsay's Second Grade recently witnessed the hatching of baby chicks. The students have been studying animal life and witnessing chicks pecking their way out of their shells has been an exciting time for students. Another outcome of the experience is the degree to which students are taking responsibility for caring for the new additions to their classroom. The empathy in student voice is clear and present in the classroom.
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Cardinal Code Focus

This week's Cardinal Code Focus is Departure/Dismissal. I would like students to know the way they exit the building has a huge impact on group and personal safety. Orderly lines prevent falls on the steps and allow parents to quickly find their students. All students should hold on to hand-rails when going down stairs and should allow space between one another. As always, running or pushing is dangerous and can result in student and staff injury. I want all our students to be safe and to work together to help keep others safe.

Thank you for your anticipated efforts in helping students review how to exit the building in a safe and organized manner. Remember, key to teaching a skill is to teach it in the location where the proper behavior is expected. That means a portion of teaching of this week's focus should take place in the main lobby and employ the use of the main stairway. Thank you so much!

This Week at Central

Monday, May 23

  • DRA Assessment 1-4 with subs
  • STAR Math Assessment Grades 2-4
  • Meeting with N. Miller and M. Demo regarding incoming 1st grade students (10-11 am)

Tuesday, May 24

  • DRA Assessment/STAR Math Assessment
  • PLC/Placement Input (CAP teachers will join grade level PLC)
  • Parent/Teacher Meeting (3:40 PM)

Wednesday, May 25

  • DRA Assessment/STAR Math Assessment
  • Teacher Interviews (Principals) @ admin. from 8 am - 6 pm

Thursday, May 26

  • Bldg. Rep. mtg. 7:30-8:10
  • DRA Assessment/STAR Math Assessment
  • CST Meetings 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Friday, May 27

  • DRA Assessment/STAR Math Assessment
  • Lance out of building after 11:30 AM

Looking Ahead

May 2016

  • May 30...Memorial Day/ No School for Students or Staff
  • May 31...Grade 4 (music, phys. ed., and classroom) Trip to Williams Property; STAR Math Assessment continues to June 3; Teacher Interviews 8 am - 6 pm (principals)

June 2016

  • June 1...Staff Meeting; Teacher Eval. meetings begin and go through June 16 by appointment (TBD); DRA Assessment/STAR Math Assessment
  • June 2...Tornado Drill; Team Leader Meeting; DRA Assessment/STAR Math Assessment
  • June 3... DRA ends (enter in illuminate by June 6); PTO Color Walk
  • June 6...B. Smith and McDunnah to ForMar (9-2); Grade 4 to Hahn orientation from 9-10:30 AM; Field Day Grade 4 in PM; DHS Graduation in evening
  • June 7...Field Day Grade 1 in PM; Inservice on Everyday Math - Grade 1 AM/Grade 3 PM; 5th Grade Parent Orientation (current 4th grade parents) at 6PM in Hahn Cafeteria/Gym
  • June 8...Lane & Long to ForMar from 9-2; Field Day Grade Grade 3 in PM; Inservice on Everyday Math - Grade 2 AM/ Grade 4 PM; Grade 1 ELA PD at Central from 4:15 - 6:15)
  • June 9...T. Smith & Parrott to ForMar from 9-2; Field Day Grade 2 in PM; ELA PD at Central for Grade 2 from 4:15-6:15 PM
  • June 10...Lance out of building for PM; Grade cut-offs, report card assembly begins
  • June 13...DPA CMC (4:15 - 6:15 PM); Report Grades and comments in by 9 PM; Board of Education Meeting @ 7 PM
  • June 14...Report Cards printed
  • June 15...Staff Meeting
  • June 16...1/2 student day with dismissal @ 11:35 AM; End of Year Luncheon @ 12:15 PM
  • June 17...Student 1/2 day with dismissal @ 11:35 AM / Last student day* (*teachers may check out if finished on June 17 by 4:30 PM: Checkout will begin at 2:30 PM)
  • June 20...1/2 teacher day/Last Teacher Day; Report Cards mailed home at noon
  • June 23...Building closes to public for summer at 4 PM

August 2016

  • August 8...Office re-opens to the public
  • August 10...Student Check-in 12-6 PM in cafeteria
  • August 11...Student Check-in 4-8 PM in cafeteria
  • August 15...Teacher Report Day, Opening Staff Meeting & Work Day for Teachers and parapros
  • August 16...Teacher Evaluation Inservice; workday for paras TBD
  • August 17...Everyday Math Inservice for Teachers and Parapros; Open House 5-6:30 PM
  • August 18-19...Teachers & paras do not work; Office open
  • August 22...First Day for Students

Thought for the Week

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