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Principal and Assistant Principal's Message

Springville Families,

As we approach the final school days before Winter Break, we want to take a moment to celebrate the many accomplishments of this school year so far: Our teachers and students are back in the building full time and have established cohesive classroom communities. Students are engaging with their teachers and classmates, learning new skills and content. Our OBOB teams and are up and running. Families have met virtually for parent/teacher conferences. The PTO ran a successful fundraiser to earn money for books, supplies and activities. The community came together for our Springville Cares project to generously provide gift cards and warm clothes to support Springville families. And most recently we were able to hold our first Choir concert since 2019. Mrs. Herinckx practiced with Choir students outside for many weeks to make this happen. We loved seeing our community come together in person to listen to the voices of our students! This week we look forward to our first Spirit Week. See the flyer below for details!

Being together this year has brought so much joy! We are grateful to serve this community. We look forward to seeing you in January!

With appreciation,

Robin Kobrowski and Ellen Arnold

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Important Dates

December 13-17: Springville Spirit Week!

December 20-31: Winter Break - No School

January 3: School Resumes

January 6: Vision Screening

January 10: Hearing Screening (Grades K-2)

January 17: MLK Jr. Holiday: No School

January 26: BSD Community Conversation About Race

December COVID Screening Kit Collection:

December 13

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COVID 19 Protocol Information & FAQ

Click here for BSD-specific information and answers to commonly asked questions

BEF Project Match for Springville Music!

At Springville K-8 school, we have 2 music teachers, but only enough melodic instruments for one classroom! Since we do not know how COVID regulations will continue to effect music education this year through singing, we need to make the most of the melodic instruments in both music classrooms. Acquiring rolling stands for our current inventory of xylophones will increase our flexibility to teach all of our students, increase instructional time, and reduce wear and tear on the instruments themselves.

Help us provide our 700 students the opportunity to learn, create, and experience high quality music education! https://fnd.us/SK8_Melodic_2021

Thank You! Stephanie Meeks and Andrea Herinckx

Snack and Lunch Drop Off (new!)

We have a number of families dropping off lunches, snacks and water bottles in the office each day. While we are happy to hold these items for students, calling classrooms to have students come to pick up these items creates a disruption to learning. Please talk with your child and let them know that if they forget a lunch or snack they should check with the office prior to lunch or snack time. Thank you for your help!

Springville Cares Community Giving Project

Thank you so much to all the families who donated items to Springville Cares. With your support, we are able to provide resources to 10 families in our community!

Your compassion and generosity are so appreciated!

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COVID Screening Collection 12/13/21

Please remember to return your student's COVID Screening Kit on Monday, December 13th. Kits will be picked up by OHSU first thing in the morning, so be sure your student has their kit ready to turn in to their teacher when they arrive in the classroom.


  • Please administer the test on Monday morning before having breakfast or brushing teeth.
  • Please affix one label to the vial and one label to the biohazard bag.
  • Please ensure the student's name and birthdate are easily visible.*Send the test-kit back on Monday morning with your student. Test-kits that arrive late (after 8:30 am), unfortunately, must be thrown out.

If you would like to read more about the program, including how to collect saliva for the sample, visit the OHSU K-12 COVID Screening Program Website.

There will be only on other kit distribution in December because of the long winter break.

How to collect spit for Oregon's K-12 COVID-19 testing program
Cómo recolectar la saliva para el Programa de pruebas de COVID-19 para K-12 en Oregón

Bethany & Cedar Mill Libraries Wiser Kids Newsletter (new!)

The Bethany Library December 2021 WiserKids K-5 Newsletter is available online for teachers, students and parents. You can subscribe here.

December's issue features:

  • Winter Reading Challenge: From December 13 through January 16, kids, teens and adults can track their reading to achieve our community goal of 10,000 hours read. For every hour read, we will donate ten cents to the Oregon Food Bank to help families with food insecurity, up to a maximum donation of $1,000.
  • Parent Information Series: Parents can bring their questions and challenges each month to this online workshop. Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Megan Barella will help you transform your child's misbehavior into connection and cooperation. Classes held online first Thursday of the month from 7-8pm: January 6, 2022, February 3, 2022.
  • Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB): Kids can test their OBOB knowledge with eight sets of unofficial practice questions available on our website. A link to our Kahoot trivia game will also be available beginning January 1st.
  • Student Library Cards: Public library cards are available for all Beaverton School District students. Our libraries are processing cards this month for any students newly enrolled in a Beaverton School District school and those will be mailed out to students' homes.


The libraries are excited to provide library materials and services for students during the winter break!

Lego Donations Needed

All of our grade levels are working on their coding skills during technology classes. During our technology time, we are also trying to incorporate more STEAM activities. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. In order to do many of the activities, we need a lot of building material.

If you find yourself cleaning out and have some extra Legos to get rid of, please consider donating them to Springville for Technology and STEAM activities. Legos are the easiest material for all ages to manage. We would especially appreciate any plain blocks, the flat building bases, and Lego Technics pieces (because they are compatible with some of our robots).

Thank you,

Mrs. Epps


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Don't Let Your Guard Down!

Our crossing guards work hard every day to help our children get to and from school safely. Whether on school property or in the community, if you see a crossing guard, please do what they are asking you to do. It takes all of us to keep the roads safe for everyone. Please be especially mindful in school zones, at intersections and crosswalks (marked and unmarked), near bike lanes and in neighborhoods. Thank you!

Affinity Group Opportunity

The District has heard from parents and families of LGBTQ+ BSD students that they would love to connect with other parents and families. They are seeking opportunities to create a safe space to learn, support one another, and advocate for their students.

If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact our counselor, Sha Fenton at shalene_fenton@beaverton.k12.or.us

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Bethany Library Winter Reading Challenge

Join the Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries for an all-ages Winter Reading challenge December 13-January 16 and help us Read for a Better World. Every hour you read donates 10¢ to the Oregon Food Bank, up to $1,000. Read a little and help us give A LOT!

Participate THREE ways:

  • Download the Beanstack app and track your reading on your phone or tablet.
  • Track your reading on a paper log from the library. Play BINGO and connect the dots as you read! Return forms to either library by January 16.
  • Log online using Beanstack at Library.CedarMill.org/read-now

Please see the attached a flyer for more information.

Too Ill for School?

We would like to remind you about our guidelines for determining whether or not your student should come to school if they are ill.

If your student shows primary symptoms of COVID 19, we ask you to keep your child home and contact your health care provider to get a COVID test. You may also find THIS website helpful for COVID testing locations. Primary symptoms of COVID are defined as fever, cough, chills, loss of taste or smell and/or shortness of breath.

  • If the COVID test is positive, please notify the school and quarantine your child at home for 10 days or as directed by Washington County Public Health.
  • If the test is negative, please follow the Keep Ill Children Out of School guidelines
  • If you do not want to test your student for COVID and they are showing primary symptoms, they should quarantine at home for 10 days.
  • If your child has any other communicable disease symptoms, please follow the Keep Ill Children Out of School guidelines.
If you have a child who has a diagnosed chronic health condition that may present as primary symptoms of covid, such as asthma or another lung condition and the school is unaware of this condition, please contact our school nurse, Sydney Garl at sydney_garl@beaverton.k12.or.us or via ParentSquare. She may need to implement a school health management plan to help prevent your child from being inappropriately sent home from school.

The guidelines for determining whether to send your student to school are attached. This flyer is available in many other languages on the BSD Student Health Webpage. We appreciate your help in keeping our school community safe.
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Attendance and Late Entry

All students are expected to attend school daily. If your child must be absent, please call the attendance line to let us know (503-356-2481). Some excusable reasons for absence include illness, quarantine, bereavement, family illness, inclement weather, religious instruction or emergencies. Please note that vacations are recorded as unexcused absences per District policy. In the event that a student is absent for ten consecutive days, the student will be dropped from the roll and must be reactivated upon return to school. Please make every effort to schedule your child's appointments, family vacations, music lessons, etc. around the school day and calendar. Missed instructional time, even in small increments, quickly adds up and impacts your child's overall learning.

It is very important for your child to be on time to school so that they start the day with everyone else. The school day begins promptly at 8:30am. Children who arrive after 8:30am are recorded as tardy. In order to get your child off to a good start in the morning, and prevent disruption of classes, please help your child be at school on time. If you child arrives after 8:30am, you must park and escort him/her to the office to obtain an late slip.