Chad Food Influences

Chad vs. U.S.

About the Information Below

We chose to select this information below because we thought that it was a key factor of Chads food diet.


About the Data

From this data we can take that all of these statistics impact Chads food. First, the annual rainfall impacts there crops because with out the right amount of water there plants will not prosper. Also, the amount of farm-able land is another key factor to plant life. Without a lot of farm-able land they can not grow mutable plants only a few at a time. Finally Chads population is very small witch can factor into how many people farm/produce crops to eat.

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The Obesity rate is relevant to the impact of Chads diet. This shows that Chad, which has a 2.70% obesity rate suggests that they do not eat in enormous amounts but probably are under feed. Un like the US who have a 33% obesity rate. This suggests that they get over feed because they have a higher population and a higher income per house hold, which means they can obtain big amounts of food.

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Chad is one of the poorest countries in the world. As of 2012, Its Gross Domestic Product per capita (GDP) was 1,496 US dollars, as compared to the US which had a GDP of 49,965. Because the country is so poor, they are unable to build infrastructures (roads, irrigation systems, etc) which would allow there population to access water, produce food, etc. Clearly the GDP has an effect on Chads diet.

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