America; Proud or shame

From 1880-1920

Growing populist party (William Jennings Bryant)

In the growing populist party (peoples party) William Jennings Bryant lost the presidential election 5 times. I am ashamed of America of not giving much a say to smaller political parties. My evidence is one of his most famous speeches when he was running for president.
An excerpt from William Jennings Bryan's "Cross of Gold" speech


The governments Laissez-Faire policy allowed overpowered trusts and monopolies to come to power. Powerful companies would take advantage of smaller companies and would run them out of business which limited competition and made it so the monopoly could charge as much as they wanted. I am ashamed of the the government not stepping in sooner to stop these bad business practices. My evidence is a politiacal cartoon with Rockefeller (Owner of oil monopoly).
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Telephone Invention

Alexander Grahm Bell's telephone invention made the news spread faster and the people able to communicate over longer distances. This invention is still largely used even today. I am proud that america gave a place for great inventions to come up and flourish. My evidence is a page of Grahm Bell's journal showing the complex planning he took to undergo this task.
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Political Machines

Corrupt political machines stayed in power by giving jobs and housing to the poor needy immigrants in exchange for votes. Many become even more powerful then local and state governments. I am ashamed that America let these corrupt machines gain so much power. my evidence is a political cartoon displaying the political machines and their bosses.
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Pull Factors

the pull factors brought large amounts of immigrants to America which allowed more factories to hire more people which helped then boost the economy. This helped America gain wealth. I am proud that America created a great place of opportunity for immigrants to improve their lives. My evidence is a political cartoon illustrating pull factors.
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Nativism started because the new immigrants seemed very foreign to them. Nativism is putting the needs of the natives over the foreigners. I am ashamed america treated became like this because most Americans were immigrant descendants anyways. My evidence is a political cartoon showing how Americans viewed immigrants.
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Pendelton Act

The Pendleton Act made appointments to federal jobs a merit system based on performance and examination. Chester a Arthur was the president who put this into law. I am proud America passed this act to bring more fairness. My evidence is a Photo of Chester A. Arthur.
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The Great Chicago Fire

Due to lack of water in cities, The great Chicago fire erupted burning 17,500 buildings and 200 million dollars of property. I am ashamed of America for not having better infrastructure in their cities. My evidence is a photo of the Great Chicago Fire.
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Rapid Urabnization

Rapid urbanization created bad overcrowding in the cities which also made bad overcrowding in the poor rundown tenements of the working class. I am ashamed that America did not better provide for its citizens. My evidence is a photo from Jacob Riis (How the other half lives).
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19th Amendment

The 19th Amendment allowed women the right to vote. This took 72 years of demanding for it to pass. I ashamed it took so long but proud that it passed giving rights to all citizens. My evidence is a video on Alice Paul.
Alice Paul, Women's Rights Activist

Federal Trade Commision

President Woodrow Wilson formed the FTC which eliminated the unfair business practices and monopolies. One was the railroad. I am proud America stood up and stopped the unfair business practices. My evidence is a political cartoon showing the Wilson (Creator of the FTC) taking down the bad business practices.
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Pure Food and Drug Act

The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 ended the sale of contaminated food and medicines and called for truth in labeling. Much harm was done to the public before this. I am proud America did this to help build a safer generation. My evidence is a political cartoon on what the labels used to say.
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Sinking of the USS Maine

The sinking of the USS Maine causes the Spanish-American war in which America wins and gets Guam, The Phillipeans, and Puerto Rico. I am proud the Americans stood up to Spain and kicked them out of America. My evidence is a photo of the USS Maine.
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Panama Canal

The Panama Canal opens which allows trade routes to go between North and South America. Over 1000 ships sailed through in just the first year. This showed America was a power. I am proud America built this canal and worked very hard. My eveidence is a technical diagram.
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Purchase of Alaska

America purchases Alaska from Russia. This was known as Seward's folly because this was originally thought as a bad purchase but ended up very good! I am proud that America purchased this great piece of land. My evidence is an original map of Russia.
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14 Points

Wilson's 14 points were rejected and America didn't enter the league of nations. I am ashamed that America made this foolish decision which ended up bringing them into depression and WW2. My evidence is political cartoon on the 14 points.
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National War Labor Board

The National War Labor Board was established to fix the increased work hours, child labor, and bad working conditions. I am proud America tried to fix their bad situations. My evidence is a chart from the economy in WW1.
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Sinking of the Lusitania

The sinking of the Lusitania killed 128 Americans and was a huge part of bringing America into the war. I am proud America entered the war to avenge the fallen citizens. My evidence is a photo of the Lusitania.
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