Independent Novel

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

By: E.L. James


The basic plot of this novel is two people fall in love and both of them are testing their own limits in their relationship and finding new things about each other.

Climax and Resolution

The climax of this novel is when Christian upsets Anastasia and she leaves upset that he pushed her limits to an extreme so she felt uncomfortable. The resolution of this book is Ana is at home and upset that christian is gone from her life for sometime and she has been crying and nor eating.

Favorite Part

I would have to say my favorite part/parts is when Christian has all these firsts with Anastasia because she is his first actual love that he actually cares about and doesn't see just as sub.

Best Character

Christian is obviously the best character because he goes through the most changes and has very good development throughout the book. He is very mercurial and he really is willing to make changes for Anastasia because she is his first actual love.


The theme of this book is to go beyond and test your limits.

"I have a date with Christian Grey"

This quote is Christian has asked Ana out on a date and this is a first for him because he has never had one of his "girlfriends" on a date with him.

"He told me to enjoy myself"

Ana says this when she is away visiting her mom and Christian wishes her a good time witch is not normal for him.