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Week of December 8, 2014

November Student of the Month ~ Advisor Edition

Congratulations on your hard work and accomplishments!
9th Grade- Victoria C., William R., Juliana B., Tamara H.
10th Grade- Zachary R., Rachel C., Lucas D., Isaac F., Daiyanera K., Lucy A.
11th Grade-Madison V., Zhamale S., Jacey W., Keith T, Angeline S., Levi A.
12th Grade- Blake W., Taylor W., Nicole S., Daniel K., Dustin K., Maddison R., Anthony F.


All Staff will be out for a Professional Development Meeting on Friday 12/12/14. You will still have assignments that day, just no class connects!
  • Use an extra time to complete past due assignments,
  • make sure attendance is up to date
  • Responses to messages and kmails will be slightly delayed

Students' Spotlight

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Counselor Corner-Info for all grade levels

Finding your Path sessions @11:15:

9th grade-next one is in February

10th grade-next one is in February

11th grade- Friday, January 9

12th grade-Friday, December 19

*Check out the event calendar for more info or look for a kmail from one of the counselors

Practice tests for PSAT, ACT, SAT, ASVERB, COMPASS, AP tests...

Click here for the link.

The site has practice tests for a variety of standardized tests. You can take the test for free and it will score the test instantly, providing detailed explanations to determine areas you are strong in and what you can do to improve.

You can create an account to save your testing scores or you can take them without creating an account.

Practice questions for the new PARCC assessments

Are you a 9th grader wondering which new assessments you will need to take for graduation? Check out this video submitted by Titus M. or this video submitted by Lauren K., they were the 1st place winners of the video contest.

Weekly LOL

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