Roald Dahl Author study project

BY: Grant Carey

Roald Dahl's Early Life timeline

13 September, 1916-Roald Dahl was born in Llandaff wales.
1918- He moved to Zadyr and his his younger sister, Else was born.
1920- Birth of his Asta, and death of herald (his father) and Astri (his older sister)Dahl.
1921- They moved back to Llandaff wales.
1923- Attends school at Llandaff Cathedral.
1929- Moves to Replen Whlren Where he spend the rest of his schooling days.
1934- He starts to work for Shell.

Roald Dahl's Later Life

November 1939- The outbreak of world war II Stars and he joins the Royal Air Force.
1940- He was posted to Libya where he was involved in a plane crash.
July 1941- He returns to Britain
1946- He published his 1st short story collection in the UK.
1953- At age 37 Marries Patricia Neal in New York
1957- His daughter Tessa was born

1960- Starting publishing his most famous books.

1990- at the age of 74 dies.

The Gremlins.

One of my favorite book by Roald Dahl is Gremlins. The book is about The Gremlins concerns the mischievous mythical creatures of the title, often invoked by Royal Air Force pilots as an explanation of mechanical troubles and mishaps. The Gremlins do this to get revenge for their beloved forest that was destroy. Then the Royal Air Force team with the Gremlins and try to take down the Nazi. Read the gremlins to see what happens next! Also check out the movie.
Gremlins - Trailer
Roald DAHL - Revolting Rhymes - Three Little Pigs