What's going on Product


Coupons desktop & Mobile web

New Homepage
  • Discover the best offer of the days feature on top of our new homepage
  • Browse offers and discover beatiful collections


  • All the new color are apply in every part of the website to show to our customer our new brand
New voucher landing page
  • A new theme that allow KAM to promote better the offers we have on campaign pages

Xmas is comming

  • Shake your phone and see beatiful animation discover the best offer for this Xmas by Cuponation

Product Desktop

My Feed

  • Discover a personalized experience that allow our user to select the offer they will receive
  • Receive emails according to what you like
  • Check it and share you feedback with us : www.cuponation.es/ofertas/welcome

Black friday

    • A new Wordpress website have been build to target more customers
    • Discover the black friday sales page that tailored our best offer in the black friday atmosphere

    Improve the data quality

    • Improvement on the product categorisation
    • New retailer have been added for spain

    Mobile App

    Rebranded version
    • The rebranding was integrated in all sections of the app.
    • Streamlined menu: every section is now accessible within one tap:
    • The product cards have been simplified and include just a heart icon as the main action

    Improve the personalized experience

    • The account creation was improved by including brand logos

    Develop the CRM system

    • Deep links improvement to make them dynamic and enable us to send segmented push notifications based on the user's last visited category or last added brand.

    White Lablel


    • Flipit migrated in 8 countries (NO, AU, BR, IN, CH, DE, PL, IT)
    • SEM pages for Flipit are live


    New Whitelabel

    A/B test

    • Test no retailer landing page layout in order to increase conversion (result show an increase of 4 %)


    Launched a new department that fully supports Backend functioning and implementation of new cool features. Team works on making Backend more powerful and user-friendly!

    Increase of amount of automatically added vouchers

    • DE: +994 vouchers
    • CH: +178
    • AT: +818
    • FR: +99

    Voucher content duplication tool

    Made exports and dashboards more expanded and useful

    • Indexed / non-indexed retailers for managing vouchers
    • Active vouchers report
    • Update of other exports with needed parameters