Ms.Moore interviewed by Chassity Davis

Davis: whats your name ?

Moore: Ms.Moore

Davis: whats your office room number?


Davis: whats your role in the school?

Moore: gudiance counselor, helping students in the way of career and learning to live

Davis: where are you from?

Moore: Hampton County the low county near beaufort and hilton head

Davis: What has your exprecience at CHS been like so far?

Moore: Great !!!!!

Davis:why did you want to become a teacher?

Moore:About 16 years ago i was working with a combination of students and i decided to go back to school and get my masters

Davis:What do you enjoy most about working in a school?

Moore: the process of guiding students in the right career

Davis: What are your goals for this year

Moore: to become apart of arts capital and to blend in wherever needed

Davis: What hobbies do you have outside of school?

Moore: i'm a sports fanatic exceot for golf. i am a family orientated person, and i love to tavel when i can

Davis: if you could give advice to yourself in high school what would it be ?

Moore: To be more serious about grades and to receive a particular schlorship

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