Political Cartoon Project

By Sydney Carnes and Drew Sanderson

Balance (Published: February 4, 1998)

Subject: Bill Clinton

Context: Clinton's Monica Lewinsky scandal that appalled the nation

Persuasive Techniques:

Symbolism: The lady symbolizes Lewinsky, book symbolizes new budget plan

Exaggeration: Extreme balancing act

Labeling: Budget, Balance

Irony: No one cared about the balanced budget act in the shadow of the Monica Lewinsky scandal

Purpose of Cartoon: To show that Bill Clinton is walking a thin line trying to balance his positive balancing budget act versus his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Isn't this what we really want? (Published: 1939)

Subject: The Neutrality Act

Context: Does the United States really want to stay neutral

Persuasive Techniques:

Irony: Since were staying out of the war we will scrub floors and wash dishes making the United States look weak

Purpose of the Cartoon: To show that if the United States say neutral they will look weaker in the eyes of the enemy

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Story of the Last Seven Years (Published: May 1940)

Subject: Hitlers rise to power

Context: Hitler came to power because no one wanted another war/ hoped for the best, in 1940 Germany appeared to be winning the war

Persuasive Techniques:

Symbolism: Man is Americas' government

Irony: Everything the man says, the opposite occurs

Purpose of Cartoon: This cartoon emphasizes Americas need to join the war, quit stalling, and turn the tide of the last seven years

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