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It's Great to be a Political Scientist

What's a Political Scientist?

A political scientist studies governments, public policies, political processes, systems, and political behavior by using both scientific but also humanistic perspectives and tools to examine the processes and political dynamics of countries all around the world.

What Makes Being a Political Scientist Cool?

Traveling to collect important information is something fun that many political scientists do. They get to learn and experience new and unique cultures, climates, and languages.

Companies that Hire Political Scientists

How does being a Political Scientist benefit Society?

Political scientists study how the Supreme Court's recent decisions affect health care. Elections of newly formed governments are monitered by political scientists. The amount that pollution industries can put into the air and the water is determined by political scientists. Political scientists advise local mayors the most successful way to convince voters to reelect them.

What Educational Requirements and Skills are Needed to become a Political Scientist?

A masters degree, and in some cases a PhD, is required to become a political scientist. Excellent written and oral communication skills, the ability to think logically and methodically, an open mind, systematic work habits, and perseverance skills are needed.

Projected Job Growth

From 2010-2020, the projected job growth is 7% to 13%.
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What Type of Personality is Needed for the Job?

A curious, talkative person, someone who is interested in the culture and behavior of foreign countries makes a great political scientist.

What do Political Scientists get Paid?

Annual Salary- $103,860