Children's Learning Adventure

North Las Vegas, Nevada

Students range from infant to kindergarten and also offers after school program and summer camp.
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School's Mission:

" In providing a loving, nurturing environment, our goal at Children's Learning Adventure Childcare Centers is to help your children become confident, independent learners who will develop strong sense of self-worth, enabling them to make positive life choices."
This school provides programs that enable students to be ready for the future. The environment is fun and also the curriculum of this school prepares students to the next level of education. Some of the 21st century skills supported by this school is as follows:
  • Computer Lab
  • Laboratory Lagoon - Math and science
  • Picture Paradise - Music and Drama
  • Imagination Island - enhance practical experiences in personal and social growth and development
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How learning experiences reflect culturally relevant pedagogy

Children's Learning Adventure ensures that students are using their skills at their full potential. They bring out the creativeness of a child and practices their learning skills to use in the future. Teachers use the backgrounds, knowledge, and experiences of their students and incorporate them to their daily objectives.

How they promote creativity in the classroom for both teachers and students

With all different types of activities in the students' everyday objectives, students and teachers practice all types of activities in a fun and educational way. There are so many tools students can utilize to exercise their critical thinking skills by communicating with their teachers and also their fellow students.