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Are you following the Steps of Service for Kids' Meals?

When children are dining with us it is important to keep them entertained and happy. They should be provided with a kids’ menu and crayons and their meals should be coursed out as detailed below, unless requested otherwise by the adult. Always engage with the children and the adults to determine exactly how they prefer the kids to be served.

Familiarize yourself with the RUI standard steps of service outlined below.


  1. Engage with the children right away.
  2. Ensure that all kids have a kids’ menu/activity page and crayons.
  3. Ask the adults if they would like the kids’ meals served as soon as possible.
  • If yes, take the order immediately, ring it in, and press FIRE.
  • If not, serve with the adults’ entrées.


  • Serve kids’ drinks at the same time as the adults’ beverages, unless the adults request otherwise.
  • Always serve kids’ drinks in a plastic cup with a lid and straw.

Starter Fruit and Bread Service

(If applicable; check your kids’ menu for details)

Where applicable, serve kids’ starter fruit at the same time as the beverages, unless the adults state otherwise.

Where applicable, serve bread for kids with the adults’ appetizers.

  • If appetizers are not ordered, serve kids’ bread with the adults’ salads/starters.
  • If no appetizers or starters are ordered, bring bread for the kids right away.

Entrée Service

Kids’ entrées should be served with the adults’ entrées, unless the adults request otherwise.


Kids’ desserts should be served with adults’ desserts, unless the adults request otherwise.

The key is to engage the children and communicate with the adults to determine service expectations from the beginning. Never make assumptions.

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