Organising Events

Assignment 2 Checklist

Aims & Objectives

Ensure that your objectives are measurable

Ensure to include short term and long term goals

Contingency Plan

What if it all went wrong? i.e. the weather, accidents or resources

Questionnaires for participants

Provide the link to your survey monkey

Legal considerations

Child welfare?

Health & safety at work act?



How were you going to ensure that the facilities used are returned to the pre-event state?

Other considerations

Consent forms - parental/guardian consent for the students to complete the event

Ethics - you must apply a code of ethics to your event ensuring that:

- no one is discriminated against

- standards follow national governing body guidelines, for example the FA

- everyone attending respects the coaches and participants

- etc

Budget plan


The sound clips are evidence of your meetings

Include 4 sets of minutes and agendas

Health & Saftey

Who will be the first aider?

Legal consent? - consent forms

Regulations - Which do you need to consider?

Risk assessment

Physical/human resources

What is available to you?


What is the purpose of the event?

What is the proposed impact?

Potential constraints?

Purpose and theme of the event?



Leaflet - this needs more information in it than the poster



A witness statement will be completed by your lecturer

M3 and D1

Analyse the promotional materials of an event.

D1 - can you provide evidence showing the effect of the materials? Attendance figures or merchandise sales?

Ensure to write a proposal to your committee on what materials you should use for your event.

Example of evidence: