Capture, Organize, Assess & Share Student Work

Triangulation of Assessment Data - Free and Easy Organizational Tool

Record conversations, take pics or video of products, add notes about observations.

Easy Set Up

Set up your class using the desk top application or mobile app. Enter student names for each class, and enter a basic set of tags such as number sense, data management, etc. (you can always add more tags or students as you go).

Easy to Use - All Evidence of Learning is Organized & Easy to Find

1) Click on student(s) name(s), 2) Click on tag(s), 3) capture audio, video or photo with one click, 4) Save. Now you can search for all work for a particular student OR for a particular tag or tags.

No more carrying home marking. Just capture it at school & then assess from home later.

Share Artifacts with Parents at Interviews

iPadagogy - App Review - Three Ring Tutorial

Great for Capturing Collaborative Work

Three Ring allows you to choose more than 1 student at a time - perfect for collaborative assignments. When reviewing all of the work for a particular student - you will see all of the collaborative assignments as well. This can be used as evidence for Learning Skills and subject specific expectations.