Annemarie Kulbis

Music Education, Music Therapy

My Life So Far...

I am from Euclid, Ohio and started music at a very young age. I begin taking Kindermusic when I was three. Then, at the age of four, I began taking violin lessons. When I entered the fourth grade, I started taking piano lessons, which immediately took over as my primary instrument. That day, I knew I wanted to be a music educator.

My Favorite Things:

My Life Goals

I have several goals that I want to accomplish in the future. I want to become a choral music director in a high school and a certified music therapist that works with people with disabilities. Also, I plan on teaching piano to students and becoming a music director at a church. Lastly, I would love to play piano for musicals and theatrical productions, whether for local productions or as a professional traveling with a production.

My Best Friend