Hamline Family Newsletter

January, 2020

A Note from Principal Reilly

Happy New Year! Beginning a new year allows us the opportunity to reflect, learn, and move forward into the new year being our best selves. I am not a big one for resolutions, but I do set new goals for myself each year around areas for growth. One of my goals this year is to make sure that I am communicating to you the wonderful and amazing things happening at Hamline. Hamline is such a special school in large part due to you, the students and families, as well as the school staff, who show up every day bringing everything they have to educate and care for students. Our teachers have been working hard over the past four months to build their skills around inquiry based learning instruction, and this month they will be diving in to build a unit of inquiry that will be showcased in May. As Hamline continues to build our inquiry-based learning environment it is important that you know what that means, as it sets us apart from other schools and in many ways changes the way we educate children. This type of learning increasing individualized instruction, engagement, student ownership and creates authentic, student centered learning experiences where students are drivers of their own learning. Much of this newsletter is going to be centered around what inquiry based learning looks like and what that means for your child/children. Here is to 2020! If you are interested in learning more about inquiry based learning, please feel free to call or email me. I am happy to shout from the rooftops what we are creating here at Hamline. As always, thank you for sharing your children with us. We consider this an honor and privilege.

Warmest Regards,

Principal Reilly

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Bringing that Waaa!!!? Into The Classroom

Inquiry based learning starts with triggering curiosity, enthusiasm, and excitement.

1. Students develop questions that they are hungry to answer.

2. Research the topic using time in class.

3. Have students present what they’ve learned.

4. Ask students to reflect on what worked about the process and what didn’t.


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Fifth Grade Unit of Inquiry


How do you solve this challenge? Third graders will show you!


1. Build a bridge 30 inches off the ground

2. The bridge must stand on its own

3. The bridge must be strong enough to hold a toy car or truck for 30 seconds

Upcoming Events

January 14: Children's Dental at Hamline

January 15: Mobile Menders- send in the torn jeans, zippers, jackets, etc...Kathy, the mobile mender extraordinaire will fix them up and send back home. For Free!

January 20:No School- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 24: No School- Teacher Professional Development

January 25: District School Choice Fair at Union Depot

January 31: School Spirit Day- Pajama Day

January 31: School Assembly 1:00