Regathering As A Community

A re-opening plan framed by a Culture of Consideration

Guiding Principles and Vision for Re-opening

First and foremost, the mental and physical health of our scholars and staff have been at the forefront of every decision we have made in regards to re-opening, and will continue to be our compass moving forward. We all know learning cannot take place if children, teachers, and parents do not feel safe.

Unfortunately, everyone will be returning to a school-world that will look different. These changes may be drastic (as in online learning) or subtle (as in the layout of the classroom), but we must acknowledge that change is hard. We also know that our scholars and our greater TOPA community are resilient and creative, and we look forward to a year of navigating these challenges within a Culture of Consideration.

A Message From our Executive Directors

Leading a school through a pandemic is not something that is taught in any college class, neither is teaching during a pandemic. Parenting through a pandemic is certainly not anything that was on the radar as we raised our families.

We know many schools and school districts are tentatively releasing reopening plans, and there is not a school in the state that has not spent all summer wrestling with what is best for their stakeholders. As we at Odyssey planned tirelessly for a safe reopening, attempting to follow all the CDC guidelines and restrictions, nothing seemed right. So many factors and moving parts would go into trying to keep teachers and scholars safe, still with absolutely no guarantee that we could do it with 100% certainty.

The Co-Executive Directors, along with direction of the Odyssey School Board, have made the decision to begin all schools on August 17th by Learning from Home until further notice.

We as an administration know this will not be a popular decision with some families and staff, we accept that fact. We understand we could lose enrollment over this decision; however, the thought of opening the schools in any capacity and risking even one life of staff member or scholar is not a burden we are willing to bear. This is the most safe option and it is our duty to provide the most safe environment for all stakeholders. We are not willing to risk the lives of any of stakeholders, and if this decision hurts the bottom line, we are prepared to deal with that reality. This decision is bigger than dollars and budgets. We want to ensure you that our commitment to your scholar's education and safety is our greatest priority. We are committed to being your home school and partner in Learning from Home until our community can safely re-gather.

Megan Olson & Holly Johnson

Executive Co-Directors

Where We Are Now

  • We are planning for a robust Learning from Home program that fully incorporates Odyssey curriculum.
  • Scholars will have synchronous learning times where they interact with their classmates and teachers virtually in a live setting.
  • Just as in the traditional classroom, the amount of synchronous time-on-task will vary by scholar grade level.
  • All assignments will be graded, and scholars will be held accountable for assessments.
  • Grades and assessments will be viewable in ParentVue.
  • There will be a streamlined point of contact with all lessons and links coming from one source.
  • We are planning to engage scholars at the campus-level in optional virtual social groups, as well as fully integrate supportive social practices during virtual lessons.
  • We have a tentative plan for childcare for those parents who need this option.

Where We Hope To Be Soon

  • Back in the classroom, living out the Odyssey traditions, values, and culture.
  • In a school environment where scholars can "feel safe to explore and to learn new things" in a non-restrictive, safe, social environment

Tentative Plan for Childcare

We recognize this will be difficult on working parents. As long as the state will allow it, we will be offering limited in-person care options for scholars in grades K-6. These small groups will specifically focus on guiding the scholars through their Learning At Home options. The groups will be extremely small and in sanitized classrooms. Masks for staff and scholars will be required. The groups will not have over 6 scholars in them and they will be socially distanced. Temperature checks will also be done prior to admittance. This is a feasible solution for a small amount of K-6 scholars and their families; following the above guidelines with 28 scholars in a classroom is just not feasible. More details and sign ups for the child care option will be released as we finalize staffing.

Where To Ask Your Questions

Please contact your school principal with immediate questions, and expect a campus-specific follow up email from your principal outlining further opportunities to connect.

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