In Humans

Where do hookworms live?

They live all around the word.

How do hookworms feed?

They attach onto the inside of a hosts small intestine and feed off the blood vessels in the intestine wall.

How do they reproduce?

The hookworm life cycle has many stages. Most of the life of the hookworm is spent attached to the intestinal wall of their host. However, at one point the male worm leaves and goes in search of a mate. The females produces hormones that lead the males to find them. Once a male has found its mate, coils around her and covers her genital pore. Then the males gubernaculum guides spicules which extend into the females cloaca and anus. This allows the male to keep attached to the female during mating. The male then releases the sperm onto the genital pore of the female.

Any adaptations?

-The eggs of the hookworm have developed a thin shell that serves as protection. This shell allows them to not be harmed as they travel through and out of the digestive tract.

-They have developed two pairs of sharp teeth to allow them to attach to the intestines of the host and eat the intestinal mucus. These teeth also allow them to penetrate blood vessels so they can eat the host's blood.

What are the hosts of choice?

They choose hosts that vary from humans to cats. They are not picky.

How big are they?

Hookworms are 10-20mm by 0.4-0.5mm.


Their eggs are released,then exit the hosts body through their feces.

People acquire hookworms either by accidentally ingesting contaminated soil or fecal matter or cutaneously, such as by walking on contaminated soil with bare feet.