Education and Schools in the 1930s

Transportation For Black's

Transportation wasn’t provided for black students in the 1930s. Four black teachers made a payment of their salaries trying to change this. The change occurred and it was called the Blue Goose. It gave a ride to all the children who needed to get to school.

The Average White School

If you were to get a education and graduate you were basically offered a high wagering job. If you went to school you would have achieved a lot of hard work. It was not easy to go to school. It was very difficult for many individuals. It all started with Elementary school which was kindergarten through 6th grade. The school day went from 9:00am to 3:00pm. The kindergartners only went a half day. Everyone got to and from school by walking. There were no buses or cars. The girls wore dresses or skirts and the boys wore shorts. Nobody wore jeans to school. School in the 1930’s often they were very religious in what they believed, and parents forced their children to wear “Sunday clothes”, to honor their religion. The class sizes were about how they are now, ranging anywhere from 15 to about 30. Children studied English, Geography and basic Math.

The Average Colored School

School was segregated both in the North and South. Most of the blacks were thrilled to have school. However the whites were scared of the government, which ruled school funding. Whites did not want blacks to become educated, because they thought that they might be taken over by them in the role of government. Blacks did have fewer resources as of like less books than the white, the buildings were all torn up and unfair. And when receiving money blacks did not receive a whole lot. The schools were

“equal but unequal” because the whites had all the luxury and the blacks didn't; however the blacks at least got to go to school and get an education.

Teachers In The 1930s

The only job women could really have is either being a teacher or a nurse. Soon men started to become teachers too. But before long there was not a lot of teachers. All teachers either retired or didn't like the pay. Soon teachers just became people with a college degree who didn’t actually know how to teach the children.

Parents In The 1930s

Some parents did not like the neighborhood schools because it had black people. To fix this, the school board made the neighborhood vote. The schools then became integrated schools. Parents also went to PTA meetings; however parents didn't go into to help the teachers patrolling the classroom or the playground.