Tonkawa Tribe

By: Tyler Gulizia


The Tonkawa Native-American Tribe lived in central Texas thousands of years ago.


The Tonkawa Tribe were hunters- gatherers, they hunted animals like the buffalo and deer but sometimes fished. They also collected roots, nuts, and fruits to eat. Sometimes they would trade others for corn.

What they lived in

They Tonkawa made teepees out of buffalo hide and wooden poles.
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Tools and Weapons

Some of the tools the Tonkawa used were bows, knives, blowguns and darts, swords, tomahawks, and spears
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Some of the traditions the Tonkawa had is that the men would have their hair long and braided. As for the woman, they had there hair loose or in one long braid. The Tonkawa also made moccasins and only wore them on special occasions such as a wedding.
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The Tonkawa had it's own government and laws. The Tonkawa had elected it's leaders by councilmen.
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Where are they now?

In the late 1800's the Tonkawa was forced to Oklahoma

Unique fact

The Tonkawa had their own government, police, and services. They were a very civilized group.