Save The Bees

Super Honey Bees Are The Answer

Scientist Coming To Local High School To Discuss Honeybees!

What is happening to the honey bees? What are we doing to save them? Have all of your questions answered at Dr.Bee's presentation This Friday!

When: Friday Nov 10th 7:00pm
Where: Fake High School, Auditorium
Tickets: No Cost

The Problem:

Mites are a threat to Honey Bee colonies around the world. Scientists have identified mite resistant colonies in Canada, and are working to selectively breed these colonies to produce a race of mite resistant honey bees.

The Science Behind The Super Bees

Scientists are using artificial selection, and selective breeding to create these super honey bees.

What is artificial selection?
  • This simply means the scientists are selecting which bee colonies will mate - instead of leaving it up to nature, the scientists choose the honey bees that show resistance to mites so that all of the offspring will be resistant to mites too
  • There is no genetic manipulation, or anything in the artificial selection process to worry about.

What is selective breeding?

  • This is the process through which the scientists choose the specific bee colonies to breed.