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Erasing Time by C. J. Hill

College twins Sheridan and Taylor are zapped into the future where God and doctors seem to be no longer relevant. Unfortunately for the twins, they find themselves suddenly very relevant and expendable as near-prisoners. The teens, invited to their first darty (a dance party), get to spend time with one of their handlers, a handsome but mysterious young man named Echo, who may or may not be interested in their welfare. Even before agreeing to go to the darty, the twins know that in order to stay alive they need to escape the city of Traverton. For scientists wish to erase the twin’s 21st century memories, a dangerous mob-like society wants to use them, and even the Vikers, the starving one-armed criminals, would eat them, if they could get ahold of them. C. J. Hill creates a believable, but frightening, new world where our unlikely heroes meet the future to discover that the world has ended as they knew it. Once the story is set, this thriller pours on the action, including a Da Vinci Code like mystery. Teens will root for the twins, and for more of their story.

Have Your Cake, and Hear an Author Too! Hamilton Library

Thursday, Oct. 18th 2012 at 2:30-3:30pm

3700 South Arizona Avenue

Chandler, AZ

Learn all about the novel Erasing Time and meet the author C. J. Hill. Join us for cake, lemonade, and organic coffee.
2:30 PM Meet Famous Teen Author C. J. Hill

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