Ms. Janjua's Grades 3-4 Art Class

February 17 - 26, 2016 | Issue 09

Salaamu Alaykum!

We've started our new Unit of Inquiry, "How the World Works" where we will be focusing heavily on drawing. The kids have LOVED what we've started so far in class, mashaAllah, and have been so eager to explore some of the materials and resources I've shared in class so far! So, I'll list a few appropriate links down below so you can check out some of the online drawing lessons and guides we've been following for yourselves.

Every student received a sketch journal of their own, and each Friday they will be encouraged to take their journals home to sketch in. Please help remind your child to bring their sketchbooks in on every Wednesday. We will do classwork every Wednesday in these sketchbooks so it's necessary they bring it back, inshaAllah.

I'm excited to show photos of student sketches down below -- what a talented group of kids you all have, mashaAllah! :) It's been so exciting to work with them and their energy and love for art class is something I am constantly grateful for. Enjoy the photos and updates, and please remember to purchase your tickets for the Tarbiyah Fundraiser Gala if you haven't already! Information can be found at the end of this newsletter. Thank you! :)

Wa Salaamu Alaykum,

Ms. Janjua


Sketchbook Skool by Danny Gregory & Staff

I introduced students to Danny Gregory, an Artist and master of sketching on the spot and sketching every day objects. I watched a talk of his that I had a subscription to in class with the kids, and they were really inspired by him. They even wrote their first sketch journal entry about him in some cases :) Please feel free to view his work HERE, and you can click HERE to see what Sketchbook Skool is all about. I purchased a subscription and recommend that the kids follow along with my supervision. It's not something they would have to subscribe to themselves - its a little more adult-age oriented, but I will be modifying their lessons and making them applicable to our kids, inshaAllah.
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Drawing Pencil Kit

I've gotten a few questions from parents and students about drawing pencils and kits. The school has purchased professional drawing pencils for each and every student in various lead types - 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, and 6B. Students may bring their own set if they like, but it is not necessary. The kit that I own personally is available at select Five Below stores (I purchased mine from the Laurel store on Rte. 1), or here on Amazon as well.

Creative Bug Drawing Lessons

Another site which I love to use for drawing exercises is "Creative Bug." We started watching the daily drawing challenge and doing some exercises from them. Feel free to explore the site with your child! You do need a subscription to access the entire library of videos, but you can view clips of every video for free.

Sketching & Shading 101

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Symmetry Cat Drawings

To assess the students ability to draw and sketch, I handed out a half drawn image of a cat. Students drew on the other side of, aiming to draw it as close as possible to the already drawn side and learning how to develop their sense of proportion in the process. They were also asked to write some thoughts and intentions about what they would like to learn throughout this Unit focused on drawing.
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Still Life Drawings

Students were introduced to still life drawing by bringing in a fruit or vegetable of their choice to draw. First, they drew it by simply observing. Then, they picked up their object and felt all the bumps, bruises, and textures. Once they came to know their fruit or vegetable in a more personal and tangible way, they found their sketches to be an even more realistic representation.
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Tarbiyah Academy Benefit Gala

Saturday, March 5th, 4:30-9:30pm

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Tarbiyah Academy cordially invites you to a gala dinner on March 5th at The Grand, Baltimore Harbor for a night of art, enlightenment and entertainment! Join us for an exciting evening with Dalia Mogahed and Imam Johari AbdulMalik as they discuss the importance of developing Muslim leaders and activists in these critical times. Seats are limited so get your tickets now!

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