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Week of June 6, 2022

Working together; succeeding together.

We are priviledged to share Treaty 6 Territory traditional lands of the Cree, Dene, Saulteux, Ojibway and the Metis Nation.

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Slava Ukraini! Слава Україні! Героям слава!

All of the PPCS school community wishes to extend our thoughts and prayers to all of the people of Ukraine and especially their families here in our communities, our province, and our country.

Casual Custodians Needed Starting Pay $17.38/hr

Do you want to work with the best team in the world? Of you course you do, who wouldn't. Good news! We are looking for casual custodians to help out Mr. Rye, Mrs. Samalla, and Mrs. Antazo when they need to be away. I hear it pays pretty good and the people you would work with are awesome. If you would like more information, please contact the school.
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Thank You To Our Subs

There are some jobs that, when you are unable to go to work, simply pause. Granted the work piles up and you have a great deal more to do when you return. Teaching, like many other jobs, you simply cannot hit pause. When we can't get to work, we have to find a replacement. For this reason, in teaching and many other jobs, substitute or casual workers are a critical part of the operation.

PPCS is doubly blessed in that we have an amazing group of substitute teachers and substitute support staff that helps to ensure the continuation of education, even when teachers have to be away. Our subs are far more than just replacement or casual workers in the traditional sense. They are full-on members of our Bears family. Many are past teachers, EAs, and admin assistants, but many are not. Regardless of if they have ever been a full-time member of the Bears family, they are all family nonetheless.

This was made glaringly clear last Wednesday. Essentially the entire staff had expressed that they would like to attend Gwen's funeral. This posed a huge logistics issue for Stacey and I as administrators. The North East School Division is very flexible when it comes to dealing with things such as staff member funerals. Essentially they allow us to do what needs to be done as long as the building can remain open and reasonably operational (adequate supervision for all students). In the case of last Wednesday, this proved to be a challenge as we quickly realized we had no one to run the building. Luckily our subs and a few support staff stepped up. The subs stepped in and managed the building, including Mr. Button serving as the acting principal in our absence. The willingness of our support staff and our sub teachers allowed us to attend the funeral as a staff, to support each other and the community during a time of grieving. To the staff who remained behind to help manage, thank you. To the subs who came from near and far and went above and beyond to ensure we could be where we needed to be, thank you. It meant the world to us as we said goodbye to a colleague, friend, and family member.

Wednesday was just one example of when the subs (both teacher and EA) do this for us. There are many, many smaller-scale events that require coverage such as sick kids or parents, exploding hot water heaters, unexpected positive COVID tests, food poisoning, and helping family and friends. The reasons that we need to be away are as endless as they are urgent at the moment. Our subs often are called with very little warning and always show up with a smile on their face and with a high degree of proficiency and professionalism. There is not a single school year that we could successfully navigate without our subs, during this year and the last this was especially true. To all of our subs, past present, and future; thank you. Your role is as essential as ours, but you are given far less recognition than you deserve. Know that we see what you do and we so greatly appreciate you. To our families, we would ask, that when you see one of our amazing subs in the grocery story or out and about, please take a moment to stop and thank them for all that they do.

Thank to Porcupine Plain Wildlife Club

Perry Nagy on behalf of the Porcupine Plain Wildlife club stopped by to drop off their generous donation of $1000 toward our canoe trips this year. The support is greatly appreciated.
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PAA Seeking Projects

Is there anyone in town wanting to build a detached garage this summer / fall? Would you be interested in having the senior Industrial Arts class build it or be involved in some capacity? We are always looking for authentic ways to involve our kids in learning and in the community. If you are interested, please call the school, and ask for Mr. Riley.

Seen Around PPCS (and Beyond)

Grade 6 Art

Grade 4 Rock Cycle Projects

Another Amazing Track Season

Huge shout out to Miss Irving and Mr. Riley for an incredible track and field season. All of our athletes grew with many setting personal bests and placing very well at NESSAC. Three of our athletes (Enjai S, Autum S, and Blake B) travelled to provincial track and field in Regina on June 3rd and 4th. All three did amazing and represented our school well.

High School Activity Afternoon was a Blast!

On Friday, grades 7-12 participated in California kickball, Hungry Hungry Hippos and an obstacle course. Each grade faced off, with the top two facing off in an epic tug of war. The winners were the grade 11s.

Bike Rodeo: A Nice Taste of Normal

On Thursday we hosted our annual bike rodeo. It was nice to have a fully normal activity again. Once again, our grade 6 class worked as the station leaders. This year, we asked our grade 5s to be our group leaders. Huge thanks to both classes for their hard work, you made the day awesome. Our bike ride had to take a detour due to some safety concerns (McAllister was way to busy), but the kids had a blast nonetheless. Thank you to the PP RCMP for donating some prizes for the day.

Grade 10 Balloon Cars

Upcoming Events

June 16-17 - Greenwater Days (tentatively)

June 17 - Kindergarten Orientation

June 22 - Celebration of Learning (tentatively)

June 23 - Awards Night

June 28 - Last Day of Classes

June 29 - Grad 2022

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We Want Fans in the Stands

We are so happy to be able to invite fans to our home games once again this year. We ask that...

  • You only come if you are feeling well.
  • Sanitize your hands upon entering and frequently while in the building
  • Show our Bears how awesome they are by cheering loudly (albeit through a mask).
  • Be considerate of the choices of others.

Lost and Found is Growing

We have a substantial amount of stuff in our lost and found again. Please have a look and have your child pick up what belongs to them. We will take it all to New 2 U on Friday, May 27.

Hot Lunches are Back!!

Youth Group (Beyond Discovery)

Youth Group has wrapped up for the season. They look forward to connecting again in the fall.

Awana Kids Club

Awana has wrapped up for the season. See you next fall!

Call Heidi at 306-278-7883 or Desi at 306-865-6350 if you have any questions!

Welcome back to #bestyearever