St Jerome's Newsletter

Week 000 - Term 1 (Friday 5 February)

Welcome Back to 2021

Dear Parents

There you go! What a different start to a school year this has been. I’m looking forward to Monday, as it’s my first day at St Jerome’s, well, first day with students, parents and lots of cars. While I have been waiting I've kept busy, and I have thoroughly enjoyed spending some quality time with the wonderful staff of St Jerome’s. This has been helpful to me as I have transitioned from Hammond Park to Lake Coogee. I have a lot to learn here, the names of staff members for a start, then students, and hopefully many of you as the year progresses.

The news of a return to school is a good one, and I’m sure the regular flow of being back at school will be welcomed by everyone of us. Children do well when in routine and being at school is so important for them on so many fronts. Good for you too! Welcome Back, it’s nice to be able to write to you. I’m looking forward very much to working at St Jerome’s. I’m glad God has called me here.

Change is an expectation many of us have, and with my arrival at St Jerome’s it would be a safe bet to assume things will change. I enjoy change, it’s my energy, and done well it’s renewing and inspiring. Done well is the issue though, and I’m careful that change is carefully considered, all stakeholders are engaged in the work of change, and the reasons for change are made clear. Finally a decision to change is made, and we all get behind it. I have already gathered considerable data from the staff of the school and our Advisory Council on what should not change at St Jerome’s, and what should be considered for change. I have shared this back with staff, and listened to their response. Members of the Advisory Council will hear a similar summary of my findings at their first meeting.

That said, these are the changes which I need you to be aware of for the start of 2021.

  • Swimming Lessons will return to St Jerome’s in 2022;
  • School Assemblies will no longer be conducted;
  • Merit certificates will not be presented to students.

The school assembly does not add value to any child’s learning. It consumes too much class time in its preparation, and more so when the whole school surrenders time for the performance. Merit certificates are problematic at best, and serve little to reward a child with a genuine personal best.

There are more supportive ways to share and display a child’s learning, which are rewarding and celebratory. My work this year will include considering how this will be done best at St Jerome’s.

I close with acknowledging the welcome I have received from so many, and I appreciate the support so generously given to me as I embrace this new school with all its strengths and blessings.

The Lord be with you

Chris Cully


Sacramental Program 2021

Families wishing to enrol their children in the Sacramental Program for 2021 should download and complete the relevant enrolment form from the St Jerome’s parish website.

Please then place all the required documents along with the payment for the parish into a sealed envelope. Please ensure that you have placed your child's name, their class and the sacrament they are receiving on the back of the envelope and on the front write:

'For the attention of Carol Hoare - Sacramental Program'

If you wish to pay by card at the front desk the Office ladies can assist with this. Please note that a receipt will be given to you at the time for Credit Card transactions over the counter or forwarded to you once I have processed your paperwork.

This all needs to happen before 26th February 2021 as no enrolments can be taken after this date. If you have any issues or concerns with any of this, please let me know as soon as possible so I have time to assist in any way I can. My email address is:

The link to the parish is: (you may need to copy the link and paste into your browser)

Please see the dates below for each Sacrament and note that the order of Sacraments has changed this year.

Best wishes

Carol Hoare

Assistant Principal

Big picture

Tips for preparing to return to School after a Lockdown

  1. Talk about the worries your child may have about the virus and restrictions put in place.
  2. Try and help your child build a healthy sleep routine leading up to day one.
  3. Discuss possible coping strategies. Talk about what you do when you feel stressed or worried - chatting with friends, going for a walk, using breathing techniques.
  4. Look at the positives - an extra week of holidays to spend with family, playing, baking, gardening, etc. the positives to returning to school - seeing teachers and friends, learning new things, meeting our new principal.

Drop off and Pick Up Procedures

The following information about school drop-off on Monday is provided for your information:

Drop Off

3K - PP - ONE parent may bring their children to school as close to 8.40am as possible and walk them to the classroom door where staff will be waiting to greet them.

Year 1-6 students are encouraged to use the drive through and go straight to the oval before the 8.40am bell. If a parent needs to walk the child in perhaps to help carry books, only ONE parent may enter the gates, deliver bags/books, direct their child to the oval and leave immediately after.

Pick Up

3K-K children - ONE parent may collect their child from the classroom between 2.45-3.00pm and leave immediately. If you have older children to collect also, either wait at the front of the school maintaining 1.5m distance or join the pick up line from 3.10pm

PP children will be taken to the pick up area at the front of the school at 2.50pm and supervised by staff where parents can walk in to pick them up.

Yr 1-6 students will either be picked up by ONE parent from the front of the school or use the drive through system.

To ensure the efficiency of our drive through system, please exit the school as soon as you collect your children. A copy of our ‘Carpark Policy’ is now available on our web page. Your copy is available here:

Please be reminded that while you are at St Jerome’s you must wear a mask at all times, and practice 1.5 metres physical distancing, where practicable.

Vanessa Alaniz

Assistant Principal

Medical Plan Updates

If your child is on a Medical Plan, particularly if they are on an Emergency Action Plan for Anaphylaxis, please ensure that it has been updated within the past 18 months and the school has received a copy of this updated Plan.

Please ensure that you have checked the expiry date for your child's EpiPen and ensured a current Pen is provided to the school. Notifying parents that an EpiPen is due to expire or has expired is not the responsibility of the school. Parents should make a note in their calendar when an EpiPen is due to expire and bring in a replacement in a timely manner.