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2018-2019 School Year Edition

When I was an executive board member at Epsilon Phi, we had a Pro Consul that published a Wally Whitecross Gazette. We had fun with it, and it always kept everyone informed. To bring that spirit back, I wanted to start up a Sigma Chi province newsletter that would have stories with chapter updates, international fraternity news, as well as issues that are effecting Greek life around the nation.

Please enjoy the newsletter and don't hesitate to share any feedback to make future newsletters successful.


  • Theta Iota has rejoined the Northern Missouri Province. They are running like they have been around for years. At BLTW, they received the Outstanding Colony Award. Great work gentlemen!
  • Speaking of BLTW, the Northern Missouri Province sent 32 undergraduates. Alumni brothers Jim McFerrin and Mark Minowitz also had the opportunity to attend and participate. Northern Missouri was at Bowling Green in full force!
  • Our province has not had a Peterson winner since Tau Tau won in 2014. However, this year's Peterson application had Tau Tau scoring a 89.46% and Theta Iota with a 86.24%. The Peterson winning threshold is a 90%. Petersons (plural) are in the province's future.
  • Our Greek system has been under fire over the last few years resulting in Sigma Chi changes that you are already aware of. In our province, Xi Xi has had to experience these challenges the most. The chapter has been optimistic, transparent, and is striving to improve. They had a challenging year in 2017-2018, but they are on the right path. Proof of this is our Province Balfour winner from Xi Xi Berry Brooks.
  • 2 of our 3 chapters were Ritual-Certified in 2017-2018. I believe that all chapters can achieve the goal of being Ritual-Certified during this school year.
  • As of last month, Westminster is in the initial stages of coming back to campus. It is in the infancy stages, but I will keep you updated as the process unfolds.

Grand Praetor Expectations for the School Year

  • Collaboration with Alumni- The national fraternity has been working hard with their alumni engagement committee, and I feel that they can be our greatest asset. Something that each chapter had highlighted on their Peterson application was alumni participation in initiation. Share your calendar of events for the semester and year as soon as possible with your alumni base, the local alumni chapter, and your advisors. Our alumni, including your advisors and people presently involved, have very busy lives and appreciate a schedule so they can plan to give back to an organization they love and cherish.
  • Chapter Advisory Boards- This year, Xi Xi will welcome Jonathan McGuff as their new Chapter Advisor. Last year, Steve Mortensen became a new Chapter Advisor at Tau Tau, and Rob Westrich transitioned from Colony Advisor to Chapter Advisor. Our CA position has been in a series of transitions and we need to have plans in place to ensure we have involved alumni. I'm asking that all chapters have advisors for each executive board office as well as an Assistant Chapter Advisor or a Chapter Advisor In-Waiting. I will be sending out a Google Sheet to Chapter Advisors so they can update their Chapter Advisor Board. Your Chapter Advisors are there to guide and provide advice. They are not there to punish you, fine you, or focus solely on your chapter's faults. I am encouraging chapters to seek alumni that will build our chapter leaders up and I will rely on our Chapter Advisors to recruit some of that help.
  • Ritual Certification- I am expecting to have all three chapters to officially achieve that Ritual Certification. All three chapters have made this a focus, and that focus should remain as it's the foundation of what we do. I appreciate all of your efforts in this area, and I know that we can have each chapter achieve that certification.

My Personal Goals

  • Province Awards- Last year's province workshop was very successful and we'll keep that going again this year. I'm going to collaborate with other Grand Praetors in the midwest to build another successful joint province workshop. To highlight the success in our province. I'm going to introduce some new province awards. This may start with a plaque this year, but my goal is for these awards to include a small scholarship. Here are the awards I had in mind.
    • Outstanding New Member- This will highlight the top new member and recent initiate in our province.
    • Unsung Hero- For the chapter member that does the behind-the-scenes work that deserves more recognition.
    • Outstanding Alumni Volunteer- Pretty self-explanatory, but this is open to alumni involved in our alumni chapters, advisory boards, and especially the alumni that is just around and always helping out.
    • Chapter Officer of the Year- Open to all chapter officers.
  • Increased Alumni Involvement- Our province is in need of more dedicated alumni volunteers. I'm going to work with the Alumni Engagement committee to pinpoint some new potential volunteers to enhance our Chapter Advisory Boards. To add onto my Chapter Advisory Board expectations, I'm expecting Chapter Advisors to attend at least one chapter meeting a month, and my goal is that each chapter has at least one alumni attend their chapter meeting weekly.
  • Increase My Personal Attendance- Last year, I attended at least one initiation for each chapter. I also attended some chapter events for our St. Louis chapters last year. This year, I hope to make each initiation depending on scheduling, and I hope to attend at least one chapter event a month. If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can always call at 636.578.5083.
  • Province Expansion- I'm eager to see how the Westminster recolonization unfolds, but I also see expansion opportunities at campuses like Lindenwood University in St. Charles. That will always be something on my radar.

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