Charmed Butterflies

March Edition

We are now at 26 Team Members for month of January-GO TEAM!!

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” - Abraham Lincoln

We welcomed 5 new Team Members and ended the month at 26 designers on our team, {WELCOME} and we are so excited for you ALL!

Congratulations to everyone who got their wings in the month of February! Kathleen Noble welcomed 2 new team members, Brianna Torres and Alison Gangle. Katie Christenson welcomed her 1st team member Kimberly Hawkins. Brianna Olson welcomed her 1st team member Rachel Stein, and Melissa Sundt welcomed Sandra Nygaard! I am so excited for what March will bring us! Be sure to check out back office carrer plan chart to see how you can start collecting commissions. Click on or paste in your browser:

Please let me or your mentor know if you have any questions! WE are here to help you succeed.

**Also a great way to do a take out party in the {Above} picture. It helps so much for our customers to be able to "touch and see the product." Pictures just don't do the lockets justice!

March Incentive

For every $99 in PV you have for the month of March you will get an entry for a drawing for a surprise gift! Please email me when you reach $99 and I will calculate the additional entries on April 1st. We did not have participation for the February incentive so we were unable to complete the contest.

Our Team Volume for January was $15,922.28! Our biggest month yet!!

Top 10 Personal Volume for January

  1. Megan Finch-$3,558.42
  2. Brandy Blanch-$2623.98
  3. Lisa Schauwecker-$1,203.4
  4. Jenny Crandell- $1007.40
  5. Brianna Torres-$855.40
  6. Daniela Behm-$752.36
  7. Megan Finch-$1,201.50
  8. Kathleen Noble-$737.89
  9. Erin Franka-$646.91
  10. Audrae Truan-$527.75

WHOOOOO'S moving up with O2 this month?

Most of you are so close to promoting!! You need $250.00 in Personal volume and 1 active sponsored designer and a team volume of $500.00 to be promoted to Leading Designer and at that level you will collect commissions of 9% on your team!

Your mentors are {ALWAYS} here to help!

Please make sure and request to join the Forever Charmed Facebook page and also Dream Designers page. You will have answers to all your questions and have so much information at your fingertips! Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything.