39th Edition: August 18, 2017

Pilgrims on the Way of Truth

Welcome Back to School!

We had a very successful first week in which we started laying the foundation for a strong school year!

Our "Staffulty" began the week with two very productive in-service days. We welcomed our newest members to our professional family (see below!) and came together to share in a spiritual retreat and Mass, led by Fr. Caliente. We also launched our Catechist Certification program (thank you, Mr. Michael Dowling!) with all Marian instructors. Our school-wide goal is for all Marian instructors to be fully certified in this wonderful program within the coming years! According to our Rockford Diocese website, "With God’s blessing and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Catechetical Leaders and catechists throughout the Diocese of Rockford embrace these principles in such a fashion so as to revitalize catechesis, and in doing so, transform believers into disciples of Jesus Christ." This is a program not limited to our faculty, so if you are interested, we are including two links for you to explore:

We also celebrated the IDEA Business Incubator Learning Center grand opening! Tuesday night's Ribbon Ceremony and room Blessing tied the Marian Central community to the McHenry County business community, as we launch this exciting partnership. Check out the photos below!

Finally, the halls filled with our incredible students! Our tireless maintenance team and student-workers made sure that every classroom was pristine. We upgraded our entire wireless network to accommodate the growing demands of internet use (faster connections!) We completed an overhaul of our phone system. The Cafeteria team thoughtfully stocked items and planned hot meal recipes for the new year. Our teachers decorated their rooms, rearranged desks, and poured over their lesson-plans. All for our students. To finally have our students in our building felt like a grand reveal!

So welcome! Welcome to our grand re-opening of Marian Central! May this school continue to nourish - mind, body, and spirit - all those who enter.

Week At-A-Glance: August 19 - 26, 2017

DAILY Mass is celebrated in the chapel at 2:40 pm - ALL ARE WELCOME!

Aug. 21, 2017 (Mon):

  • Confessions during Lunch Periods in Chapel
  • 4:30 pm: Boys JV Soccer vs Aurora Central Catholic (JV Field, Peter Baker Stadium)
  • 4:30 pm: Boys Var. Soccer vs Aurora Central Catholic (Peter Baker Stadium)

Aug. 22, 2017 (Tues):

  • 2:30 pm: Ping Pong Club - Room 129
  • 4:30 pm: Girls JV Golf vs Marengo (Boone Creek)
  • 4:30 pm: Girls Var. Golf vs Marengo (Boone Creek)

Aug. 23, 2017 (Wed):

  • 2:40 pm: Key Club Meeting in Cafeteria
  • 2:40 pm: Theatre Meeting - Production Schedule Reveal! - in Auditorium
  • 4:30 pm: Girls JV Tennis vs Marengo (JV Courts)

Aug. 24, 2017 (Thurs): (No After School Mass offered today)

  • 8:55 am: All School Mass in Landers Pavilion - All Are Welcome!
  • 4:30 pm: Boys Var. Soccer vs St. Edward (Peter Baker Stadium)
  • 6:15 pm: Boys JV Soccer vs St. Edward (Peter Baker Stadium)

Aug. 25, 2017 (Fri): Spirit Dress Down Day! (see notice below for guidelines!)

  • 8:10 am: Senior Class Chat - Auditorium
  • 9:05 am: Junior Class Chat - Auditorium
  • 9:55 am: Sophomore Class Chat - Auditorium
  • Confessions during Lunch Periods in Chapel
  • 12:55 pm: Freshman Class Chat - Auditorium
  • 2:30 pm: Ping Pong Club - Room 129
  • 4:30 pm: Boys Fr. Football vs Oak Creek High (George Harding Stadium)
  • 7:00 pm: Boys Var. Football vs Oak Creek High (George Harding Stadium)

Check out our detailed Athletic Calendar for all practice times and "Away" games for this week!

Spirit Dress Down Day Guidelines

Students are encouraged to wear their Marian spirit items, with jeans or casual pants. (No leggings, please!). Any closed-toe shoe is acceptable. Only Marian uniform shorts are allowed. Spirit apparel is available for sale in our Development office located on the 2nd floor. Students who wish to not participate in this spirit day are required to be in full Marian uniform.

Welcome New Marian Central Staffulty!

Marian Central Catholic High School is pleased to welcome our newest members of of our professional family! You will hear us use the word "staffulty" more and more this year, as we truly believe EVERY person who works at Marian Central plays a crucial role in impacting and supporting our students. We are blessed that these caring, talented professionals have chosen Marian Central:

Mr. Baldwin - Superintendent

Rev. Caliente - Spiritual Coordinator

Mrs. Coffee - Foreign Language (French)

Mr. Fowler - Maintenance

Mrs. Gillmeister - Asst. Bookkeeper

Mrs. Healy - Theology

Mrs. Hubbuch - Cafeteria

Mrs. Mallo - Mathematics

Mrs. Streelman - Foreign Language (Spanish)

Mr. Sutter - Maintenance

First Parent Association Meeting: Tuesday, Sept. 5th in Annex!

Come join us! The MCCPA will be having its first meeting of the school year on Tuesday, September 5th at 7:00 pm in the Annex. For those new to the Marian family, the Annex is the separate building located next to the school chapel/science wing. Please join us as we discuss the many volunteer opportunities here at Marian! With Homecoming in September, we will need parents to help with those events!

Interested in helping with our August 29th Back-to-School night? Please email our Co-Presidents (Mrs. Hines & Mrs. Lee) at!


Also, click here for the MCCPA Brochure to learn more about who we are and how we can support our wonderful Marian community!

First Fine Arts Boosters Meeting: Thursday, Sept. 14th 7pm in Auditorium!

We have a vibrant Fine Arts department here at Marian Central! Art, Choir, Band, Orchestra, Madrigals, Theatre Performance, Technical Theatre - you name it! We support them all! HUNDREDS of our students are involved every year, in various ways - either through the class offerings, clubs, or concerts and productions. Please join us in our first Fine Arts Boosters meeting on Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 7pm in the Auditorium!

This year's production schedule is being announced on Wednesday, August 23rd after school! The students LOVE this meeting, as they find out what the fall play, musical, and black-box productions will be for the year! Also - Fall Play auditions are starting on August 28th!

Interested in getting involved? Email our Fine Arts Bosters President, Amy Birkhoff at for more information!

News & Announcements

Viewing Grades

Each parent who has provided us with an email address will be receiving an email containing important information regarding accessing your student’s grades. In addition, each student will be receiving their own login and password information. Students will receive their information during their 1st period class. Both parent and student information will be shared next week. Please watch your email for this important information.

Demographic/Emergency Information Update

Thank you to those who have submitted your demographic/emergency contact information update. Reminder emails were sent to the parent of those that have not yet been submitted. Please take a minute to review this important information and submit your form as soon as possible.

Anyone Live in the Lakewood/Crystal Lake Area Willing to Carpool?

We have a family who is looking for a carpool arrangement. The proximity is close to Haligus Road (Rt. 47/176 area). If you or your student drives in or near that area, please consider giving us a call to help arrange a carpool! Please contact Mike Maloney at, or call (815) 338-4220 ext. 108 for more information.

Good Luck to ALL our Teams at their AWAY GAMES This Week!

Click HERE to see where our teams are travelling to this week!

Solar Eclipse: Monday, August 21st! Some Important Information To Share

With regards to the upcoming Solar Eclipse, although being outside will not harm anyone, looking at the eclipse without protective eyewear will. It is for this reason that Marian Administration has advised all instructors that no class go outside between 11:40 and dismissal. The only exception to this will be if the class has made arrangements with administration, have acquired certified protective eyewear for each student, AND have received written permission by their parents. Because the eclipse will not be complete by the time of our normal dismissal, please read the following information and share it with your students, as they might be tempted to look up.

In northern Illinois people will only be able to see about 87 percent of the sun covered. The eclipse will begin about 11:50 a.m. and end about 2:40 p.m., depending on your location. The sun will reach its maximum coverage (this is NOT total coverage from Northern Illinois) about 1:20 p.m. and stay that way for almost three minutes. Please see the expected schedule below. Because the eclipse will only be partial, it's essential that anyone wishing to view it obtain the correct protective eyewear.

In Woodstock:

11:52 am Mon, Aug 21 Partial Eclipse begins The Moon touches the Sun's edge.

1:17 pm Mon, Aug 21 Maximum Eclipse Moon is closest to the center of the Sun.

2:40 pm Mon, Aug 21 Partial Eclipse ends The Moon leaves the Sun's edge.

Although there is no risk to your health due to simply being outside during a total solar eclipse, you should definitely NOT look at the sun with your naked eye.

The only time you can look at the sun with your naked eye is if you're in the path where the sun will be completely covered by the moon, and ONLY during those two minutes or less when the sun is completely covered.

Here in Woodstock this will NOT be the case… so NO ONE should look at it without certified protective eyewear!

Otherwise, any glimpse of the sun's brightness, no matter how brief, is not only uncomfortable, it's dangerous. "When you look directly at the sun, the intensity of the light and the focus of the light is so great on the retina that it can cook it," said Dr. Christopher Quinn, president of the American Optometric Association. "If the exposure is great enough, that can and will lead to permanent reduction in vision and even blindness."

Feel free to click on this educator’s link for more good information shared with our instructors. Additionally, here is a link about taking pictures of the eclipse with our smartphones.

Help Keep Our Students Safe in the Parking Lot!

Another improvement you may have noticed is the installation of permanent parking lot delineators and curbs. We strive to create the safest possible environment, inside our school and out. Our young drivers may not fully understand the risks of a school parking lot - especially at dismissal time when everyone is walking to their cars and loading buses.

Thank you to all the drivers who respect our traffic patterns at afternoon pick-up. We have a mid-lot turn-around so drivers may safely navigate around the buses that have their stop-arm extended. The only vehicles we allow to pass these extended stop-arms are the PACE buses, since they are unable to navigate the turn-around safely. You'll often see Mrs. Loy guiding car-traffic in that area too. Ms. Novy, Mr. Maloney, and other members of the administrative team also supervise the parking lots morning and afternoons to ensure our students' safety.

As with the start of every school year, Illinois police are making a concerted effort to help educate drivers about the importance of obeying the stop-arm laws. According to the Illinois State Police website, "Illinois law provides that the driving privileges of a person convicted of passing a stopped school bus will be suspended for three months for the first offense and one year for the second, if the second conviction occurs within five years. Additionally, the fine for a first conviction is $150 and $500 for a second or subsequent conviction."

Also, it's important to note that "the speed limit in school zones when students are present is 20 mph. Drivers arrested for speeding in a school zone must appear in court and face a minimum fine of $150."

Please take a few minutes to share this important information with your student-drivers. Not only do we want to keep our students safe from injury, but also prevent anyone from incurring these hefty fines and penalties. If we do see students disobeying these laws, we will be issuing school detentions - which, in comparison, is much more compassionate than an actual ticket!


We REALLY need concession workers (Juniors!) as we prepare for our Friday, August 25th football game! If we don't have enough workers, we cannot run the concession booth safely! If you have a junior student, consider using the "Get your obligation done early and out of the way for the year" approach to help us launch our home-opening football season!

Please use the following link CONCESSION SIGN UP to add yourself to an open time slot.

Proceeds from these concession stands go toward keeping the cost of our Prom tickets low. Every Junior student is required to work one of these concessions. Students who do not work a concession will pay double for their prom ticket(s) because they did not contribute their time. Parent volunteers are also needed for some jobs that students are not allowed to do at home Football games, such as making change and grilling.

  • We request that football players sign up immediately for the basketball concessions so spots will be available.
  • Basketball players should sign up immediately for the football games since they will not be able to work in the spring.
  • Athletes who participate in both football and basketball should contact Mrs. Dwyer or Mr. Wyckoff immediately to sign up for opportunities to work in the fall, outside of game time.

If you are ready to sign up as a student, please use the above link to add yourself to an open student time slot. Please, take a moment to check your calendar NOW, as the slots are on a “first-come, first-served” basis. The Sheet will remain open until approximately August 28th. After that time, you will need to contact either Junior Class Co-Sponsor, Mrs. Dwyer or Mr. Wyckoff directly to be added to the volunteer list.

Opening Freshman Orientation Day Mass!

Visit the Marian Central Website!

All announcements, schedules, and forms are published on our Marian website for your convenience! After any new announcements are broadcast via email, we make sure we post a permanent link to the information on our website for your reference.