Tar Pamlico

Jocelyn Mitchell 5/12/16


Tar Pamlico River Basin is located in North Carolina.
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Major Cities

Some major cities in Tar Pamlico are Fayetteville, Greenville, and Raleigh.

Counties located in the region

Some counties located in Tar Pamlico are Chatham County, Alamance , Wake, and Durham.
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Main Water Sources

Bay river, Broad Creek, and Jones Creek are main water sources.
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River Basin Drainage

Tar Pamlico drains into Albemarle- Pamlico Estuary.

Total Miles of Streams/Rivers

2,521 is the total miles of streams and rivers.

Overall Size

The overall size of Tar Pamlico is 6,148 square miles.

Population of Residents

The population of residents within Tar Pamlico is 472,629.

Tourist Attractions/Parks/Land Areas

Mattamuskeet national wildlife refuge Pocosin lakes national wildlife refuge .
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Animal and Plant Species

Osprey, Canada Geese, Snow Geese, Whistling Swans, Pucks, Tundra Swans, Pintails, Mallards, Wading Birds, Shore Birds, 17 rare freshwater Mussel Species. Red Cockaded woodpecker, West Indian peregline, American Aligator, loggerhead sea turtle, Peregrine, falcon, Bald eagle, Guli-Billed torn, Piping Plover, and red wolf. Globally endangered while Cedar ecosystem.
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Water Quality

In 1980s, concerns relinked to water quality excessive growth of algae and increased number of diseased and dying fish. High levels of nitrogen and phosphorous in water because of pollution.