Inquiry Project

What kind of food did Roman's eat?

How that Ate their Food

In the morning the Romans's ate a light breakfast like bread with honey. A mid-day snack with a light meal of fish, and for dinner they would eat a meat course following by fruit and nuts. When it was time to eat they would not sit down at the table they lay down on the table.
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The Roman's have a feast on holidays like us, one of holidays was Easter.They celebrate

with larger proportions of food then usual,how ever they still ate there daily meal courses such as pigs, pigeons, fruits, nuts, bread, cheese ect. Many people showed up to these events to help out and enjoy the great food.

Rich Roman's

The rich Roman's had slaves to prepare them food in a kitchen, they would make any food they wanted at any time. All the food was fresh and prepared in a kitchen, unlike the poor who will take any food they get.
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How has food evolved?


~types of food?

~what we eat most foods with?