Los Vegas

"The best stop on the Old Spanish Trail."

Natives Upset About Land Being Used for New Casino

Many local natives are becoming very upset about the grand opening of a new Native American themed casino. The plot of land used for the casino was built on land that was taken from the natives. Natives say that it is immoral to take land that they have had for hundreds of years, but the government doesn't seem to bat an eye to their complaints. Settlers of Las Vegas are very excited of the casinos opening and reports say that almost all of them have no problem knowing that the land that they own and use was taken from the Natives. Are we going to just let these natives keep getting oppressed? It is not right and this whole "Manifest Destiny" is just settlers coming up with an excuse to take what they want no matter the cost.

Train to Soon Come to Las Vegas!

As many of us have heard, the Transcontinental Railroad is currently being built stretching from California to far out East. This railroad will pass close by Las Vegas making traveling and trading infinitely easier! The railroad is set to arrive in a few weeks and with it the promise of prosperity. Soon we will have dozens flooding in to our town, and our local government can only see our situation here getting better as the weeks go on. This railroad is an engineering masterpiece, it will stretch from coast to coast of the United States and make life easier for everybody to trade, travel, and expand.