Criminal Profiler

By: Olivia Reynolds

What is a Criminal Profiling?

Criminal profiling is an investigative method that is used to aid the investigators to accuratley find and profile the attributes of unknown criminals or offenders by studying the behavioral and physical characteristics of criminals to predict their upcoming move.

How this field is used in Forensics:

Criminal profiling is involved in many cases involving serial criminals. Profilers study the crime scene, forensic evidence, victim(s), and facts about the crime to predict who the killer is and predict what their next move will be. Profiling is not a very accepted technique in criminal investigation, but it is used all over the country by police and the FBI.

Requirments for becoming a Criminal Profiler:

There is no set of degree requirements in this field because it is so small but you would benefit most from getting a dual degree in psychology and criminal justice. And a degree in forensic psychology or other behavioral sciences. And working for an investigator is needed for work experience.


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