Scientific Revolution

By: Jintora Williams

The changes cause by the scientific revolution

The scientific revolution impacted modern day society in many ways.For instance the theory of famous scientist such as Nicolaus copernicus,Johannes Kelper,Galileo Galilel and Isaac Newton. Not only did these famous scientist impact society scientifically they impacted it mathematically too and they also changed the view of astronomy and nature.

People who changed and improved scientific theorys

Nicolaus Copernicus, Johannes Kelper,Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton where very important during the scientific Revolution.They where the main scientist and astronomers that came up with most of today theorys and invention in the science society.Like for instance Galileo Galilei made improvement to the telescope and also discovered that Jupiter had four moons and which he names after him. In-prior to that Nicolaus Copernicus dicovered that the moon ,The sun and planets in the sky revolve around Earth.Also Isaac Newton devolped the theory that every object in the universe attracts every other object. These people imapcted there society politaclly and econmically.

Changes in modern society due to the Scientific Revolution

The Scientific Revolution changed modern day society like for instance thanks to Glileo we have a more improved telescope and he improved theorys of Nature.Also thanks to Nicolaus Copernicus we know that the Earth is the center of the Universe.Isaac Newton is very importants woth his thesis and statement of Newtons laws of Gravity. Without these improvements to technology and theorys of Earth and its Natue we would never know the true meaning and theorys behind Earth.