Ice Dance

By:Ryan & Harry. Ps some parts are mature content.

What is ice dance?

Ice dance is a type of figure skating that draws from ballroom dancing. It joined the world figure skating championships in 1952 and became a winter Olympic games medal sport in 1976.
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What kind of people do ice dancing?

Usually a pair of people (couple) the man would guide the woman to dance on the ice. This usually happens in the Olympics.

Where is Ice dancing done?

Ice Dancing is usually on ice and people compete in a Ice Dancing competition. Ice Dancing as we said above is usually in the Olympics and they also have championships and judges to judge how well they do.

What kind of music do they use?

For Ice dancing they use Instrumental music like sounds from the piano and such. The music they use, barely have any lyrics. The music is also very calm and soothing.

Why do the do ice dancing?

They do ice dancing because it shows the romance between a couple and their backround.

When is ice dancing done?

It is usually done during the winter time because it is cold and there is ice outside, Than every 4 years ice dancers practise till it is the Olympics because they will compete for a trophy for there country.
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5 fun facts/things you may not know about ice dancing:

  • Ice dancing is a sport
  • It can be done inside or outside
  • Some people that do it describe it as a dream land
  • It started off in parts of NA (North America)
  • If you do some of the moves wrong you could get badly hurt and or possible death.
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