Depression And Suicidal Awareness

By: Michael Marin and Citlali Marin Ruiz

4 Signs/Symptoms of Depression

1.Feeling hopeless and helpless.
2.Your sleep and appetite has changed.
3.You've lost interest in friends, activities and things you used to enjoy.
4.You can't control your negative thoughts, no matter how much you try.
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4 Warning Signs of Suicide

1.Decline of school
2.Risk-taking behavior
3.Talks about not having a reason to live.
4.Isolating from family and friends.
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4 Signs of Self-Injury

1. Frequent or unexplained scars, cuts, bruises, and burns.
2. Consistent, inappropriate use of clothing to cover scars.
3. Possession of sharp instruments, razor blade, thumb tacks, pins, and lighters.
4. Risk-taking behaviors .
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4 Resources

1. The guidance counselor.
2. Family members.
3.Close friends.
4. Hotline for Depression.
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