(human systems)

the job

Genetic Engineers conduct research on the engineering aspects of the biological systems of humans. They design and deliver technology to assist people with disabilities. Genetic engineers who choose careers in human health focus on treatment of chronic illness. They developed genetically engineered insulin for diabetes patients in the 1980s, and have since created genetically engineered clot-busters to stop heart attacks, proteins and antibodies to fight cancer, vaccines for hepatitis B, hormones to halt anemia and antibodies to prevent organ rejections in transplant patients. Genetic engineers also turn otherwise harmful viruses or bacteria into messengers that carry therapeutic drugs to specific tissues. Genetic codes help them to uncover hereditary defects ranging from cystic fibrosis to hemophilia. Though many inherited conditions were not treatable as of 2012, genetic engineers are researching methods to fix faulty DNA codes. In the absence of treatments, genetic engineers report results of genetic testing to counselors who help patients prepare for potential diagnosis and treatment.

why this appeals to me

Genetic engineering appeals to me because they help improve the lives of the sick and disabled. They also help produce vaccines and drugs and truly are working to help others. I also find everything genetic a very interesting subject.