HPS Tech News 2014 (No 13)



Welcome to the 'End of Term 3' HPS Tech News edition. This spring holiday edition contains published ICT projects completed by our students this term (to inspire you for next term) and also a variety of sites and apps you can explore at your leisure over the holidays!

Get Well!

Firstly, a get well message to our dear friends and colleagues who are still in hospital as this flyer is published. We miss you, are thinking of you and sending you all our love. We are wishing you a speedy recovery so you can come back to us at HPS.

International Dot Day

Did you go dotty today and have some fun? Thanks heaps Jen for reminding us about this day on our AC blog last week. 3/4T and 5V enjoyed designing their dots in RFF today and using the 'ColAR Mix' augmented reality app to make their dots come alive. Their dotty adventures can be viewed below via their Photopeach and Kizoa slideshows.
5M also went dotty today in RFF today by creating stop motion animations of Smarties using the iMotion app. Their animations have been combined below in an iMovie and via Vimeo to share.
5M's Stop Motion 'Dot' Animations

Kindergarten's Published ICT Projects

This term KF and KD's HSIE unit was 'This is Me' and their Health/PD unit was 'I Am Special'. They completed a number of projects on this topic. Please view below KD's 'When I Was A Baby' and KF's 'My Birthday'. Both were made using the 'Explain Everything' iPad app and shared via iMovie and Vimeo.
KD's 'When I Was A Baby'
KF's 'My Birthday'
As part of their units KF and KD also used the 'MixBooth' app to morph their features with a friend and KF also used the 'Oldify' app to age themselves. These ICT projects can be found on the 'ES1 Student's Term 3 Work' page on our website.
Jen has used a variety of iPad apps this term with KD. One app to publish work was the 'Draw and Tell' app; they have used this a lot to tell their stories. They also used it to describe shape pictures they made using the 'MoMA Art Lab' app. One can be viewed below and please also visit Jen's KD class blog to see a post about these apps.
Ben's shape picture

Stage One's Published ICT Projects

1R students were on a pirate adventure as part of their English RFF unit and they made treasure maps. They used the 'Steps DIY' iPad app to record their procedure for making their maps. There work was shared via Youblisher (see below).
IR also had some fun becoming pirates using the 'Make Me Pirate' app and these images were shared via Kizoa (see below).
Ross also used the 'Oldify' app this term for some fun by aging his 1R students for Grandparents' Day. His students also used the 'ABCYa Word Cloud' app to produce word clouds of their spelling words. Please see Ross' 1R class blog for a post showcasing these.
Barbara's 2H students have written recounts of Grandparents' Day and published them on their iWeb sites on the Intranet. A selection of their wonderful work can be found on the 'Stage 1 Students' Term 3 Work' page of our website.

Stage Two's Published ICT Projects

3M students, after reading a text about hot air balloons, collaborated with a partner to create postcards about their 'flight' over Helensburgh and surrounding areas. They used the 'Steve Parish Postcards' iPad app to insert their own illustrations together with a recount of their adventure. This work was shared via Youblisher (see below).

After reading the poem 'Scary Creature' by Fiona Jackson, 3L & 3/4T students drew their own creatures and then used the WordFoto app on the iPad to add descriptive words for their creatures. This work was shared via Kizoa (see below).

Stage Three's Published ICT Projects

5V, inspired by their reading of "The Wild Colonial Boy", created 'Wanted Posters' for their bushrangers. They used the 'Wanted Poster Pro' app on the iPad to compile their posters. Their work was shared via Youblisher.
5M have been reading and responding to a variety of poems and they have explored the poet's purpose and also the techniques and devices used in their poetry. They created word clouds using the 'ABCya Word Cloud' iPad app to summarise their findings. Their work was shared via Kizoa (see below).
6M are currently working on their 'Memories of HPS' iMovies and are doing a great job. Here is a sneak peek at one that has just been finished and shared via Vimeo (it's not published on our website yet).
6M Student 1 Memories of HPS


As shared earlier, Jen has used a variety of apps this term. Here are some of her favourites you may want to check out. In Jen's words:

*ABC Spy HD - we've done letter hunts with this app - allows you to take photos for each letter and put together into a movie.
*Artmaker - we have had lots of fun storytelling with this app.
*Skitch - we use this for labelling colouring pictures.

*Yakit kids - we wrote sentences for Grug to say then recorded him speaking (mouth moves).

Thanks Jen for sharing.

One very important app!!!

Wanting to know how to get your students' work off the iPads easily? Finding that students emailing work to you is fiddly and time consuming?

This is the must have app that I use all the time now and makes transferring students' work between computer and iPads a dream. Check out Simple Transfer and the free version does the job!

Class Blogs!

Please don't forget to check out the class blogs below, all made in Weebly, to see what KD, KF and 1R have been up to!
And . . . don't forget that everyone is an author of our school news blog, so if you don't have a class blog, this is a great place to share with the world what your class has been up to!

Assorted Sites

Roald Dahl Day

It was Roald Dahl Day last Saturday and I posted about it on our news blog. It's also the 50th anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Please check the blog post for some links you may want to explore with your students this week (quizzes, art activities etc). It's not too late!

25 of the most dangerous and unusual journeys to school

Truly amazing images shared on Yammer. Images that you need to share with your students too!

Inspirational (and fun) Teacher Quotes

Need some inspiration to answer your TARS questions?

Visit here. ;)

Puzzle Maker

Check out this puzzle maker on the Discovery Education website. You cna make word searches, mazes cryptograms - the list goes on.

The Edublogger

Visit here to read about Edublogger's three recommended free online image editors.


PixiClip is a great web-based interactive whiteboard that allows you to easily record your screen and share it with others. It provides an online canvas on which you can type, narrate, draw, sketch, and upload images to mark-up. You can record the whole process of your work on the canvas accompanied with your voice. Check out the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Blog post about it here.

Engage Now

Please check out Mr Heath's Google site for a page of ideas on how to get your students to 'engage' and be active listeners. He has made an animation to go with his ideas/posters on how to have a good conversation.
How to have CONVERSATIONS- creating student to student dialogue

Global Words

This great site states:

At the centre of both global citizenship education and the study of English is the aim of supporting students to become ethical, thoughtful and informed citizens, predisposed to take action for change. These units, and the supporting resources of Global Words, aim to build the essential knowledge, skills and values young people need to participate actively, critically and creatively as global citizens.

Explain Everything

I guess you realise by now I love using the 'Explain Everything' app. This site was shared on Yammer with some great ideas using this app. Visit the History 2.0 Classroom for some great ideas with this app. And this and this!

How To Teach Maths With Lego

A very handy infographic that has lots of ideas from 'We Are Teachers'.


Another good infographic created by ACSD that shows what differentiation is and is not.

TED - Every Kid Needs a Champion

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

Australian Curriculum Resources

Last, but never least, our fantastic Australian Curriculum blog. A massive thanks to Jen who keeps sharing fabulous resources and ideas.

A Bit Of Fun To Finish Off . . .

Why do the dots disappear?

This flyer started with dots and now finishes with dots! Check this out.

Want some more optical illusions to keep you busy during the holidays? Visit here.

Big image

Wishing everyone a relaxing, safe and happy holiday!


There will be an IT maintenance outage in the holidays that will commence at 6:00 pm Friday 26 September through to 8:00pm Sunday 28 September. During this time many DEC systems and applications, including the Portal, will be unavailable for use. Staff email is expected to be available during this time, so please use the direct email link at the top of our website's links page or this link http://tinyurl.com/DETwebmail

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