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Mrs. Wallerstedt. 3/5/21

Here we go . . . . . .

I know there are lots of changes happening this week and potential changes connected to the latest survey that came out March 1st so thought it would be good to clarify once more what is happening next week:

  • The school day for 1st through 5th grades will lengthen to 2:30 pm.
  • 1st/2nd grade hybrid ONLY students will attend school 4-days per week.
  • K-5 students will be meeting with their classroom teachers virtually on Wednesdays to help them navigate their day so students should be up and ready for school at 8:30 am regardless of if they have Art, Music, PE, or a check-in first thing.
  • Art, Music & PE times have changed for a few classes so each classroom teacher will share their new Wednesday remote schedule with their class and help support their students on Wednesday remotely.
We are very excited about all of these changes. It gives our students more time in school and more time with their teacher - even on our remote Wednesdays. It is important that students come each day with: their chromebook, their headphones, and their power cord. Without these items, learning is much more difficult so help your child(ren) pack these items into their backpack(s) each morning. We have done a good job of keeping the school environment safe and sanitized with our Smart Restart Guide / Spanish and Healthy = Hybrid Guide. We will continue to be transparent so you can make good decisions for your family whether they be hybrid or remote learning.

District Survey Implications

Park View Families -

This past Monday (3/1) you were sent a district communication regarding a survey to fill out to indicate your preference for your child(ren)'s learning model for the last trimester of the year (4/6 - 5/26). Please fill it out. If you do not, your child will be placed into remote only learning. The survey closes March 8th (at 5:00 pm) and once we have those results we will begin planning for which students will be remote only and which students will be in the hybrid learning model (in-person and remote A/B schedule). All 1st and 2nd grade students who sign up for hybrid will continue to have the 4-day schedule. All 3rd through 5th grade students will remain in an A/B schedule until we examine the number of students in hybrid and how that impacts the amount of space we have in our building; taking into consideration our social distancing protocol. So please make sure you fill out this survey by March 8th at 5:00 pm.

Need Help With Your Child's Chromebook?

Parents -

When you child's chromebook is not working right and needs some TLC, follow the steps below:

Go to the SD44 homepage -> Click on the Parents Tab -> Click on District 44 Remote learning ->

Click on Technology Support -> Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Technology Support (again) -> A form will open up - please fill it out and submit. Then the technology department will contact you with further instructions.

Here is the link to the form you will need to fill out when following the steps above.

School Picture Day 3/6 & 3/13

PV Families -

It has been a huge undertaking to pull together school picture days and to make this a safe, expedient experience, we need help from you. We are looking for many more parents to sign up for just one 4 hour shift to make this event successful. Please consider volunteering to make it a good event for your family and all the families of District #44. Click on this link to volunteer for one shift. Our PTA also has the sign-up link on the Park View PTA Facebook page so you can sign up there too. Once you sign up, we will contact you and give you more information about the volunteering details. Please consider helping out as "many hands make the work easier for everyone".

Don't Forget Science Fair Participants -

Your Science Fair presentation video is due Wednesday, March 10th. Here is the link to you video presentation submission. Keep on working hard! The Science Fair is March 20th!! YOU CAN DO IT! WE ARE PROUD THAT YOU TOOK THIS ON.

Slow ReOpening Of Our School Playground -

As many of you know, COVID infection rates have dropped and are remaining low within our community. At the same time, the weather is warming and students are continuing to go outside for mask breaks and movement breaks. We feel this is the right time to begin SLOWLY and SAFELY opening our playground to our students during the school day. This is how we will do that:

  • Before School - The Playground WILL REMAIN CLOSED. Students should continue to arrive at school as close to 8:25 am as possible and stand on their number by their assigned door.
  • During School - As students are taking their outdoor mask/movement breaks they will sanitize their hands BEFORE going outside. Once outside they can, in smaller classroom groups, go on the equipment - with their masks up because we know that they will be closer together when using the equipment. When they return to class, they will again sanitize their hands.
  • After School - The playground WILL REMAIN CLOSED immediately following school when students are leaving the campus (3:15 - 3:45 pm). We know that later in the afternoon kids from the community do return and play on the equipment as well as on the weekends.
I want all of you to be aware of any changes we make in our procedures at school along with the protocols we will use as we make these changes safely. Thank You!
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Dates to remember . . . . . . .

March 5th - Trimester #2 Ends

March 8th - New School Day Hours Begins for 1st - 5th

March 10th - Flats Of Flowers Orders Due

March 12th - Report Cards Open in Skyward (3:30 pm)

March 20th - Virtual Science Fair

March 24th - Yearbook Orders Due

March 29th - Spring Break Begins.

April 5th - NO SCHOOL

April 6th - Classes Resume

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