Richard Charles Schaumburg Senior

By:Jerred Willits

Events that happened when he was born

Here are some facts of what happened when he was born.Walt disney formed and 2nd German government of Luther begins.1st public demomstration of television,John L Baird London.1st radio broadcast Springfield area (WCBS).Houdini died by getting punched.Car radios were invented.First Oxford English Dictionary was invented.

About Richard

My person is Richard charles schaumburg senior.He was born June 23, 1926 and born in Clarion Iowa.His dad was German and his mother was french his parents moved to the U.S. in 1896.He has 3 brothers and 2 sisters.He had seven children with two wives.He was a dairy farmer in Iowa.When he was 4 years old he caught on fire then the burn never healed so in 1959 they had to remove his leg.He moved to Kansas and was trained as a mechanic.His first son and wive died in 1952 when they got hit by a cement truck.He died November,5 2003.

Him and his wives

Here are just some cool facts

Cool facts

There is a castle in Germany called the Schaumburg.His mom was German so it goes back with all that.