Artemis and Apollo

The one twin who cannot control their pride!


Boom, boom, boom! Why is that sound occurring well the two gods, sun and moon are having an intense argument. Apollo (the sun god) and Artemis (the goddess of the moon) are “trying” to figure out who is better. No one really understands why they have these battles right above Earth (literally in the sky). All the mortals can hear their disagreement. Although they will both soon figure out because of them a new natural phenomenon will occur.

“Think you’re all that now Apollo?” Artemis thrusts her arrow straight at Apollo. The sun god replies by using his powers against her. For the longest time they go back and forth, God to God fighting with each other.

“Oh Artemis how foolish are you so young, and clueless. Why you definitely don’t realize who the better God is and…” Artemis interrupts Apollo and shouts

“STOP OKAY I’M DONE! I’m done with these pointless fights that don’t mean a single thing! We are both amazing gods, why can’t we act like it? Okay you see how Earth down there looks so calm and fine with everything that is going on?” Artemis stops her speech to show Apollo what she means. When he looks down there Apollo sees so many calm people, not stressing over their fight. They obviously know what’s going on, the mortals are just used to it.

“Yes, they look like everything is normal,” Apollo replies a little confused where his sister is heading.
“That’s my point, they know what’s going on but the people are just used to us. Their used to us arguing over silly things! Can’t we stop and say we are both outstanding? If the other gods in Olympus don’t fight, then why do we?” After Artemis is finished ranting about their fight, she waits for Apollo’s reply.

“There is a reason I fight with you Artemis. To show you that I am the better god! I am a healing, harmonious, and helpful god! I should get the credit and be the main god in our family. I am too good to have a twin and don’t need one. I’m going to prove it! I will, I am going to…” Apollo stops, unsure of what he is going to do before he finally comes up with an idea. “I am going to move the sun to a whole other spot! I mean I’m not sure how but I’ll figure it out!” Apollo finished loud and proud while Artemis started at him for the longest time. She knew Apollo’s pride was bigger than Saturn, but that was something. She shakes her head in disappointment and walks away.


Apollo sits and thinks about Artemis. He wonders why she was acting weird . She never stopped their fights before and he was a little unsure why she did that time. Apollo didn’t get to think for very long before Zeus comes. They have this long conversation about Apollo’s idea.

When Apollo was done telling Zeus about everything that happened Zeus shakes his head just like Artemis did. Zeus explains that his idea is not the best and could kill like 10 million people. Zeus also said something in there along the lines of “the sun would run away if it knew what you were trying to do.” Finally when Zeus was done he gets up from where Apollo and he were sitting then heads back to Olympus


Eventually when Apollo heads back to Olympus, he thinks about what could go wrong is he moves the sun. He knew that he could the only problem was moving the sun to a new spot might kill a lot of people. Although Zeus said “might” (kill a lot of people) so he was not positive about it. Apollo thinks a little while longer and decides to do it.

Apollo creates weather with a sun chariot where he goes up (farther away from hear) to bring cold weather. When he comes down (closer to the Earth he brings in the hot weather. He also is able to turn the sun a different way or even move it all using the sun chariot. Apollo gets on his chariot and instead of creating weather just moves the sun. He moves the sun away from Earth. When the sun chariot becomes close to the moon, something becomes terribly wrong. Apollo loses control and by accident takes the moon behind the sun. Soon after Artemis and Zeus found out they were not happy Apollo disobeyed them. They were definitely upset with what Apollo did.


Ever since the mistake Earth gets solar eclipses once in a while. That’s when the moon casts a huge shadow over Earth. All the mortals can thank Apollo and his pride. It’s great to be confident in what you do but don’t overdo it. Now we all know Apollo made a pathetic, pointless, and outrageous choice.