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PHS Parent Bulletin--September 2019

PHS Mission

We will ENSURE all students learn at high levels for success in their future, whether that includes college, vocational or trade school, military service, or the work force.

2019-2020 is off to a GREAT start!

Happy September, PHS parents! We have had a wonderful start to this school year. Thank you for being patient and helpful as we began this year by providing proof of residency and filling in all on-line required paperwork for your children. We are excited to have updated information for 100% of our students! I've included some exciting news and information about PHS in this bulletin. We are incredibly proud of our students and what we have accomplished together. Our mission is to prepare EVERY student for life high school and each year we are making great strides toward that aim.

Please read the reminders about dropping off lunches for students and our policy related to checking out students during the school day.

Please feel free to contact me directly at my email link below if you have any questions, suggestions or words of praise for our staff members! And, don't forget to 'like' this newsletter if you appreciate getting information this way.


Twila M. Guajardo

Proud Principal

New Campus-wide Cell Phone Policy Update

We have experienced a great response from students and teachers alike with our new cell phone policy! Students report being less distracted and teachers say that they spend less time redirecting students and more time teaching. The picture to the left is an example of what the pocket charts look like. As a reminder, last school year, a committee of teachers met to discuss and address an on-going classroom concern experienced by nearly every high school teacher in America: CELL PHONES. The teacher committee collectively researched facts related to cell phones in public school classrooms and focused their work on finding a way to minimize the constant distraction cell phones create while students are learning. Please review the campus-wide cell phone policy and contact us at 569-1250 or by email with any questions, concerns or suggestions you have.
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Great news about discipline at PHS:

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Important Front Office Procedures for Lunches and Signing a Student Out

We have an amazing front office staff at Pleasanton High School! They do an exceptional job of helping a large number of visitors while answering the phones and managing our office aides. In an effort to ensure staff can effectively do their jobs and ensure campus safety we are going to change some of our front office procedures. We are asking all parents to help us be successful by following these guidelines:

Lunches dropped off by parents

  • Please have your student's name on any lunch you drop off in the front office. We will provide markers and/or sticky notes with pens for your use.
  • Be sure your student knows to pick up their lunch from the front office. We will not be able to call students out of class for their lunch.
  • You are only allowed to provide food for your student. Please do not bring food for any other students.

Signing a student out:

  • A parent or authorized person must come into the front office to sign their student out.
  • All students must sign out in the front office before leaving campus.
  • We are a closed campus which means that students cannot be signed out for the lunch period to get lunch off campus.
  • In the event a parent gives permission for their student to leave campus unaccompanied (for a doctor or dentist appointment for example), the parent must provide a note to the front office no later than two hours before the student's need to leave campus.
  • Students cannot be signed out over the phone without an administrator's approval.

We recognize that these changes to our procedures will have little to no impact on most of our families, but we want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to adjust. We will begin sharing these expectations with our students and parents at every opportunity beginning Friday, September 6th with the intention of full enforcement by September 23rd.

Homecoming Week September 9-13

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The first few days of instruction at PHS

Did you know?

Students who qualify for free or reduced-price school meals also receive other benefits that help them with transition to college including fee waivers for some college applications as well as SAT and ACT fees. Information on applying for free and reduced-price school meals can be found at this link: https://www.pisd.us/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=244105&type=d&pREC_ID=564525

Please talk with any school administrator or counselor for more details about fee waivers.

Link to PISD Student Handbook

Find specifics about dress code beginning on page 51.

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