Stock Market Crashes

Brian Melgar

Not Again!!

The stock market crashed to its lowest level since October after its 200-day moving average Monday. Many people always keep a sharp eye on it to inform if it is in an uptrend or a downtrend. Our stock market crashed a little while after the Chinese stock market fell. The Dow Jones fell 588 points, Nasdaq by 3.5 %, and the S&P fell through a support level of 1,980, off 7.6% of its 52-week run. All of America was worried that their 401ks were going away or their retirement money would vanish. Thankfully though, in a few hours the stock market came back up and gave all of Americans a breath of hope. Of course, it was the headliner in every newscast, every newspaper and every other form of news.

Stocks By The Numbers

Math Relation & Its Effect

The stock market is related with math in everyway. From rising and falling, to managing your money and finances. It can a positive outcome or a negative outcome. It deals with negatives, positives and ratios that helps you control your money. When the Chinese stocks crashed, other countries stock markets were impacted greatly, like ours which was hit the worst. All Americans were preparing for the worst and praying that another depression would not happen and that their money and jobs would be safe.