Karl Heinrich Marx

By: Mari De La Cruz

Born May 5,1818

Karl Marx was born in Trier, Prussia (western Germany) on the river Moselle. He died of pleurisy in London on March 14, 1883. He traveled to European and Algerian spas in search of recuperation. His eldest daughter and wife succeeded him in death. He was buried at Highgate Cemetery in North London.

what was happening historically

  • Revolution in France
  • Revolution in Belgium
  • Uprisings in Poland
  • Uprisings of Lyons weavers in France
  • The Hambach festivities
  • Chartism

influence on karl

When Karl was in college socialism was on the rise in France. At the same time in Britain the Chartist movement was being formed. These new ideas intrigued him and he sought to pursue the ideas farther.

Religious and Political Views


Marx was raised by Jews who converted to Lutheranism for political reasons. Marx became an atheist who saw religion as a reflection of a flawed society.

Political Views

Marx was the founder of communism. Politics to Marx was wrapped up in economics and social conditions.

Today's Influence

China’s communist-capitalist hybrid economy and Cuba hold on to the Marxist ideal on a national level. The socialist governments of Europe and North America owe a large debt to his ideas. His ideas sparked revolutions across the world from the multi-national Revolution of 1848 to the Soviet takeover of Russia to Mao Zedong in China to Castro in Cuba and countless other, mostly failed, attempts at forcibly installing communism.