Harappan Culture

By: Kevin White


  • they communicate with cuniform and hyroglyphics.
  • so they are almost all bolingual.
  • they are on stamps and seals.
  • 400 letters in the language


  • hardly any war/ conflicts
  • animals were an important part of their culture
  • thrive on trade
  • show uniformity on religion and culture
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  • scientist think that culture is theocracy
  • one god, shiva a major hindu god
  • other figures relate to a mother goddess and a bull which became a part of later civilization
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  • harapans had a thriving trade with people in the religion
  • indus river provided transportation for these trades
  • traded many things like cotton, jewelry, gold and silver.
  • indus river also led to the sea which helped them trade with distant people.

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